• They are taken at the graduate level.
  • They are applicable to the student's GGU degree objective.
  • They are taken at a regionally accredited institution with admission requirements comparable to those of GGU.
  • They are approved by the appropriate faculty member.

The following guidelines on graduate transfer credit should also be noted:

  • Courses completed with grades of B or better by students in graduate status are acceptable. (Courses with grades of B- are not acceptable for transfer).
  • The transcript shows that graduate units were given. (The units must not have been used toward completion of a bachelor's degree.)
  • Cooperative education units earned may be transferred with faculty approval.
  • Professional Military Education (PME) or training courses evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) may qualify for transfer credit. In considering the ACE recommendation, the university determines what level and amount of credit to accept.
  • Courses taken by correspondence are not acceptable for advanced program graduate transfer credit.

International Transfers

Official academic documents are required to perform a full review of student’s transferability of credits. All official documents including academic transcripts must be received on or before the first day of instruction for student’s first term at GGU. To determine what official documents are required after being admitted to GGU, please visit GGU4You or contact an Enrollment Counselor. Eligibility to transfer academic credits from other institutions is dependent on a number of factors. For more details see GGU Transfer Credit Policy.


Visit the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Service Guide to find out whether your experience can transfer