Undergraduate: History and Philosophy

From our origins in the mid-19th century to present, GGU has committed itself to helping working professionals further their education with practical knowledge, flexible course times, and contemporary skill training. We have built our curriculum around the knowledge of working professionals' hectic schedules, allowing our graduates to excel in and out of the classroom without affecting their professional lives.


YMCA tents, 1906

Navigating the ins and outs of a higher education institution can often get in the way of learning. The faculty and staff in GGU's Undergraduate Programs are committed to smoothing out the journey so you can focus on why you are here -- learning a solid business curriculum that will make a difference in your career and personal goals.

Our undergraduate programs are designed to help students get the degree they've always wanted. We are not a traditional four-year undergraduate school; rather, our undergraduate programs are designed to help students finish their degree. Instead of the full time undergraduate program, students traditionally enter with transfer credits from other institutions and have relevant job experience that they bring to the classroom.GGU's undergraduates balance life, work, and family while taking advantage of our evening, weekend, and online classes to finish their degree.