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We'll work with you to evaluate your transfer options, and grant you up to 93 units for previous education, military or work experience.

You can afford GGU! As a nonprofit university, our goal is to ensure that high-quality education is available to everyone. We can help you find scholarships and grants to help pay for your undergraduate degree. Learn more about our new GGU Scholars Award and the California Community College Transfer Grant.

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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)


Transfer your California Community College Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) degree to GGU and earn your bachelor's degree with no more than 63 additional units.


  •  Reduced tuition: Pay just $300 per unit (vs. the $660 standard rate).
  •  Guaranteed admission: For ADT degree-holders who meet admission requirements.
  •  Full transfer of ADT credits: A minimum of 60 units.


Your ADT Degree
GGU Degree(s)
Any ADT Degree (AAT or AST) BA in Organizational Leadership
Business Administration (AST) BS in Data Analytics
BS in Accounting
BA in Management
BS in Business
Psychology (AAT) BA in Psychology

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GGU Aspire with

Save money and finish your degree in less time.

HOW IT WORKS: Success Coaches will review your transcripts and create a customized degree map to help you:

  1. Maximize your existing transferable credits;
  2. Get the most out of low cost credits;
  3. Transfer your credit portfolio (up to 93 units) to GGU, where you can finish your bachelor's degree at a reduced tuition rate!

Example: If you start with 30 units from a community college.

  Units Earned Cost
Community College 30 -- 63 $4,000 (2 years)
Golden Gate 30 $10,500
Total 123 $14,500




Save money by starting off your return to college with courses at You can earn credit for courses in areas such as business, psychology and economics. These courses can be transferred back to GGU and shorten the duration of your degree program.

Also, when you start with OnlineDegree, you can earn up to a 40% grant towards your education.

Learn more about what courses are available.

ACE Credit & NCCRS

GGU also accepts transfer credits for a range of courses and learning that occurs outside the traditional classroom, including those approved by ACE and NCCRS, such as: