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    Golden Gate University Ambassador Council
    Golden Gate University Ambassador Council
    Golden Gate University Ambassador Council
    Golden Gate University Ambassador Council
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The GGU Ambassadors Council is central to our growing engaged network of GGU alumni who are increasing GGU's profile, reputation and presence in San Francisco's economy and its position as a dynamic global high-tech hub. The Council mobilizes alumni, friends and corporate partners to help us advance critical priorities, such as building the new mentoring program, expanding alumni referrals to increase enrollment and supporting other signature initiatives.

Ambassadors will also enjoy many benefits connecting them closer to the scholarship and research of GGU and its broad network across hundreds of San Francisco employers. Their special status within GGU will include insider insights through working lunches with senior leadership and targeted CxO roundtables, extensive networking activities and exclusive access to high-profile events, conferences and briefings by GGU faculty and business and community leaders.

At the heart of our strategic effort is the reaffirmation of GGU’s historic mission to transform the lives of working adults.

David Fike

David FikePresident, Golden Gate University



Mentorship Program

Share the insight you have gained in your academic and professional experience to help an undergraduate student explore and grow in theirs. The GGU Mentorship Program extends the framework of the “practitioner scholar” model—connecting students to active professionals in their field of interest. GGU's goal is to be a leader in effective mentorship programs and provide access to mentorship for every undergraduate student as a signature benefit of a GGU education.


Presidential Scholarships & Fellows

GGU School of Law Presidential Scholars receive full scholarships, attracting the best and brightest students from around the world, increasing the credentials of incoming classes while maintaining our valued diversity. Law School Fellows also receive a mentor to assist with the first job and internship. As an Ambassador, you will help recruit and mentor students and connect them to people, organizations and careers in growing segments of San Francisco's legal community.


IP, Privacy & Trademark Center

GGU's new IP, Privacy and Trademark Center is a transformative step forward, differentiating us as one of the only universities with an intellectual property (IP) law program linked with its business school. It will expand our distinctive expertise in intellectual property, privacy, patent, trademark and technology law and expand our partnerships in the business, technology and legal sectors. As an Ambassador, you will help recruit participants for the center's high-profile conferences and special events and connect GGU graduates with career and leadership positions in San Francisco's burgeoning technology sector.


Alumni Referral Grant

Alumni are a vital force in connecting the most talented students and working professionals with GGU's undergraduate and advanced degree programs. Students referred by alumni often are more qualified and have a greater degree of career success. When you refer a friend or colleague to GGU, your name will be attached to a scholarship grant that will be applied to that student's tuition. This named grant will acknowledge your role in that student's accelerated path to join the accomplished professionals in high demand because of their GGU education.



  •  Network with alumni and employers in GGU’s engaged network.
  •  Attend seminars and briefings with professionals and business leaders.
  •  Learn specific skills that enhance your versatility.
  •  Build your personal brand.


  •  Working meetings with GGU’s President and senior staff.
  •  Attend GGU’s signature events.
  •  Quarterly Ambassadors Council meetings with special programming.


  •  Promote GGU’s strategic initiatives.
  •  Contribute to student success across the university.
  •  Facilitate the growth and strength of GGU’s student body.
  •  Build partnerships for GGU with individuals and corporations.


GGU alumni work in the largest and most successful business, government, and nonprofit organizations.


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