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Thirty-five percent of the workforce in California alone will reach the age of retirement by 2013. Seventy percent of those positions are supervisory, managerial, or executive*. With a shaky economy, there just isn't enough money for career-related education and training. On top of that, workers have little time or availability to attend classes. Trends such as these are impacting economies globally. How do you build your next generation of leaders?

GGU's unique Enterprise Partnership offers solutions to this growing problem with a platform that makes education more affordable and convenient to the employee while at the same time benefits your organization. Most importantly, the partnership comes at no cost to your organization. Talk about a win-win for everyone!

(*Source: Jodi Travesaro, Statewide Learning and Performance Management Officer, State of California)



Student Profiles

Alexis Wong President and COO, AGI Capital Group, Inc.
Alexis Wong

BS 94, MBA 96

President and COO, AGI Capital Group, Inc.

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