Accounting: Testimonials

Alumni stories show the power of GGU's School of Accounting programs. Many have reached positions of authority in public accounting, industry and elsewhere. We invited several to share their thoughts about the role GGU's accounting programs played in their success. Here's what they had to say:

The proof of the success of GGU's accounting programs is its alumni. Many have reached positions of authority in public accounting, industry and elsewhere. We invited several to share their thoughts about the role GGU's accounting programs played in their success. Here's what they had to say: "For over one hundred years, Golden Gate University has been producing the best trained group of accountants produced anywhere. Golden Gate's extensive use of practitioners as teachers makes the programs relevant and thoroughly up to date. I'm pleased to state that my firm has made Golden Gate our first choice for spending our educational dollars. We've been sending our staff and partners to attend and teach courses at Golden Gate for over 30 years. We're proud of our long relationship and firmly believe we have received outstanding value for our mutual investment."

--Ted Mitchell, CPA, partner at Delagnes, Mitchell & Linder, LLP

"I graduated with a BA in accounting from Golden Gate University in the late '70s and I can speak from experience about the long term positive effect my GGU education has had on my career. I was hired out of school by Touche Ross & Co. (now Deloitte), and then went on to become an owner of my own firm. I went back to GGU in the '80s and got my masters in taxation. After 20 years working as a CPA I began writing textbooks on taxation, accounting, and corporate governance, and for that work I have several times been named one of the "Top 100 Most Influential" people in accounting. Now I am teaching advanced courses in taxation in GGU's Graduate School of Taxation. I credit all my successes to my accounting education at GGU, and teaching is my way of repaying the school. Thank you GGU!"

--David Hardesty, CPA, vice president at Wilson Markle Stuckey Hardesty & Bott, CPAs

"We continue to support the growth and focus of Golden Gate University's School of Accounting. As a member of the Advisory Board, I feel that the recently revised curriculum along with the caliber of students and faculty will continue to enhance our relationship going forward. One of the core strengths of the School is the connection between textbook studies and real work application. This is one of the key factors that differentiates GGU from its peers."

--Seth Blackman, Principal at Rothstein Kass & Company

"Prior to attending GGU, I earned an undergraduate degree in Economics. Unfortunately, this major did not prepare me for any specific career path, and I found it very difficult to get even an entry level professional job. GGU's MAc program formats its curriculum to prepare its students for a job immediately upon finishing their studies. As a result of taking GGU's Accounting classes, I am now working as a auditor with one of the "Big 4" Accounting firms. The program provides its students a chance to obtain the technical knowledge necessary to succeed in the accounting field. Its small class sizes allow students to get personal attention from their instructors, as well as a chance to

--Joey Walsh, Staff Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC

"As a graduate of and an adjunct professor in its School of Accounting, I am well aware of the value of a GGU accounting degree. The faculty are meaningfully involved in the profession and, consistent with GGU's mission, strive to bring an effective balance of the theoretical and practical into the classroom. The courses cover fundamental and emerging issues in accounting and tax practice within a broader context. The technical content integrates finance, economics, management, ethics and other key business areas. GGU's value proposition arises from its purposeful emphasis on professional skill development. Beyond acquiring a firm grasp of accounting concepts and their application in particular subject areas, GGU's students develop effective communication and research skills and learn how to function as team members in an environment of ambiguity, risk, and international convergence. The school's strong connections with the area's accounting firms promote job placement success, and its curricula prepare the way for higher pay and senior leadership positions. I attribute much of my success to the knowledge, skills and professional orientation I acquired at GGU's School of Accounting."

--Rod Hurd, CFO at Bridgeway Capital Advisors

"I have found that there are some similarities between the demands of the academic and business worlds. The most obvious one is the way you never stop studying or learning new material. This holds true in any profession, and especially in accounting where the rules are changing all the time. My advice to students is to approach each class and each assignment with your best effort, because everything counts and you will be expected to know the fundamentals of accounting when you are on the job. As an auditor, I find that I am applying what I learned at GGU in every assignment. GGU?s instructors were mostly former or current practitioners who brought their experience to the classroom. Their insight helped me gain a good understanding of some of the issues I can expect to encounter during my career, beyond what I learned from textbooks."

--Anthony Pererz, Staff Auditor at Burr Pilger & Mayer, LLP