Course Catalog

Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

BUS 201
Economic and Regulatory Essentials of U.S. Business

Students learn key U.S. business concepts in the areas of management practices, employment law, consumer protection, finance, commerce and environmental protection as these apply to current U. S. industry standard businesses and ethical practices. Students develop crucial understanding of how the American economy and culture shape the organization and management of American businesses compared with other key economies worldwide.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Spring 2019

BUS 202
Fundamentals of Business

Examines the foundations of business, introducing the fields of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, human resources, and more. Provides a basis for understanding how these elements apply across business disciplines. Prepares students for the advanced courses in graduate business programs through case analysis and hands-on learning.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019

BUS 203
Professional Skills for Business

Provides essential skill-building for professionals in business and shapes students' abilities to apply those skills. The course focuses on persuasive writing, presentations and public speaking, team participation and leadership, project management basics, using tools for reporting and analyzing data, secondary research skills, and identifying personal learning preferences and developing lifelong learning skills. Honing critical thinking skills is a theme throughout the course.

Units: 3