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Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

BUS 201
Economic and Regulatory Essentials of U.S. Business

3 Unit(s)

Students learn key U.S. business concepts in the areas of management practices, employment law, consumer protection, finance, commerce and environmental protection as these apply to current U. S. industry standard businesses and ethical practices. Students develop crucial understanding of how the American economy and culture shape the organization and management of American businesses compared with other key economies worldwide.

BUS 202
Fundamentals of Business

3 Unit(s)

Examines the foundations of business, introducing the fields of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, human resources, and more. Provides a basis for understanding how these elements apply across business disciplines. Prepares students for the advanced courses in graduate business programs through case analysis and hands-on learning.

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BUS 203
Professional Skills for Business

3 Unit(s)

Provides essential skill-building for professionals in business and shapes students' abilities to apply those skills. The course focuses on persuasive writing, presentations and public speaking, team participation and leadership, project management basics, using tools for reporting and analyzing data, secondary research skills, and identifying personal learning preferences and developing lifelong learning skills. Honing critical thinking skills is a theme throughout the course.

BUS 240
Data Analysis for Managers

3 Unit(s)

Examines the importance data analysis plays in managerial decision making. Students will use Excel throughout the course to analyze data in real-world applications. Course topics include descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing and regression analysis. Emphasis is on demonstrating practical application of statistics in business situations. Prerequisite: One of the following: MATH 20, MATH 30, or MATH 40. (Students taking this course as a foundation for the MS in Business Analytics program must earn a "B" or better in this or a transfer equivalent courses.) Formerly MATH 240.

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BUS 50
Customer Relationship Management for Business

3 Unit(s)

This course is designed to introduce students to the use cases of customer relationship management systems, specifically Salesforce, and how end users on sales teams leverage Salesforce's Sales Cloud Lightning tool. Students will learn how sales team members like Sales Development Representatives, Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Customer Service Managers use the tool, in the process building a foundational understanding of Sales Cloud, Salesforce's most widely used product. Students will learn how information like accounts, contacts, records, leads, and opportunities are stored in Salesforce. They will gain practical skills working with Sales Cloud in a sales capacity by updating information according to the sales process, creating basic reports and dashboards for forecasting projections, and understanding how standard user profiles and permissions work.

BUS 60
Introduction to Business

4 Unit(s)

This course will provide students with an overview of business and its functional areas. These areas include economics, marketing, finance, management, accounting, operations, information technology, macroeconomics, and entrepreneurship. Alongside these functional areas, students will learn about business ethics, how it affects the other core topics, and what it means to be a socially responsible business. The course will culminate in a discussion of contemporary issues, the creation of a business plan, and a comprehensive exam. By taking this course, students will gain a broad understanding of business as a whole and learn to apply that knowledge as an employee within an organization, as an entrepreneur, or as a continuing student within discipline-specific business courses. This course may not be audited. This course is offered only for students enrolled in GGU Degrees+ programs, in partnership with

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BUS 100
Introduction to Salesforce Administration

3 Unit(s)

In this course, students will explore the Salesforce fundamentals covered in BUS xx, CRM for Business, from the perspective of a CRM system administrator. They will learn how to conduct the typical job functions of a junior Salesforce administrator, who is responsible for setting up and maintaining an organization's Salesforce instance. Students will explore Salesforce user management, platform customization, and user interface configuration, then get hands-on practice by translating and fulfilling simulated "feature requests" from business users, managers, and other stakeholders. Students will create a custom app to meet a business-specific use case, and also learn how to customize Salesforce reporting tools to address analytical requests. Prerequisite(s): BUS 50.

BUS 110
Advanced Topics in Salesforce Administration

3 Unit(s)

Building upon Salesforce fundamentals and basic administration/customization skills gained from CRM for Business and Intro to Salesforce Administration, this course will challenge students to utilize increasingly complex Salesforce functionality as a CRM system administrator. Students will learn to customize advanced Salesforce settings and implement a permissions and sharing model to control access to data and records. They will learn how to enable and configure standard Sales and Service Cloud features to support business-specific use cases; deepen their understanding of how to translate business requirements into functional specifications; and configure custom features using Process Automation tools. Students will learn how to use Salesforce tools to improve and maintain data quality. They will also explore and configure advanced analytics capabilities through historical trend reports, joined reports, and dynamic dashboards. Prerequisite(s): BUS 50 and BUS 100.

BUS 198
Special Topics in Business

13 Unit(s)

Addresses significant, topical and practical problems, issues and theories in business. Topics will be selected by the department chair. This course may be taken more than once, provided the same topic is not repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of the department chair. Prerequisites will vary based on topic.

BUS 198A
Cannabis: Commerce, Culture, and Compliance

3 Unit(s)

This course will give students a generalist understanding of the key structures, stakeholders, issues and trends encompassing the cannabis industry in the US today. Students will view this rapidly growing and changing industry through the lens of the business owners, employees, regulators, lawyers, consumers, and members of affected communities. Beginning with an overview of the plant's history and uses, we follow the evolution of events that brought us to where we are today - witnessing the rapid decriminalization, adoption and normalization of a culture of cannabis consumption in a variety of ways for both medical and recreational purposes. Students will learn about the expansion of the industry and job growth in production, licensing, marketing, and distribution from current practitioners and consultants in the field. They will understand how accountants and money managers in the industry use creative techniques to manage cash flow from cannabis operations under the existing federal ban, and explore the legal and regulatory frameworks that industry stakeholders must navigate to remain in compliance. Students will also consider the ethical issues facing the industry as a whole as it balances sustained growth while minimizing negative effects on communities, public health, and the environment. This is a special topics course that may cover different aspects of the cannabis industry each time the course runs.