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Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

HUM 50
Examining the Humanities

3 Unit(s)

The humanities involve studies of works, ideas and theories from a broad spectrum of disciplines, including art, literature, philosophy, and history, that allow us to conceptualize and interpret our experience and the world at large. This course examines a series of topics in the humanities and aims to provide students with insights and knowledge relevant and useful to professional practice and personal growth. The study will engage students in reflection on the meaning and application of their education, and encourage an appreciation of the humanities for lifelong learning. Prerequisite: ENGL 1A

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HUM 156
Business and Civilization

3 Unit(s)

Examines the historical interactions between business and such other aspects of civilizations as religion, philosophy, art, science, economic life and government and military policies. Studies how the values, institutions and actions of business are shaped by the civilization of which they are an intrinsic part. Case studies are chosen from the Western and non-Western world and from a wide spectrum of historical periods. Prerequisite ENGL 1A.

HUM 198
Special Topics in Humanities

3 Unit(s)

Addresses significant, topical and practical problems, issues and theories in the humanities. Topics will be selected by the department coordinator. This course may be taken more than once, provided the same topic is not repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of the department. Prerequisites will vary based on topic.

HUM 199
Directed Study in Humanities

13 Unit(s)

Provides individual study of selected topics under supervision of a faculty member. Students are limited to one directed study course per trimester. Prerequisite: Consent of the department.