Course Catalog

Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

LEAD 300
Management and Leadership

Introduces management and leadership theory and knowledge. Develops analytical and decision-making skills, and organizational knowledge. Explores basic concepts of management and leadership and how organizational context impacts managerial and leadership actions. Cross-listed with and equivalent to MBA 300.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

LEAD 301
Personal Leadership

This course focuses on building strong self-awareness of strengths, opportunities for development, values, and professional goals. Students develop skills in emotional intelligence, difficult conversations, and personal power. Recommended corequisite: LEAD 300. Cross-listed with and equivalent to MBA 301.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

LEAD 303
Teamwork in Organizations

This hands-on course develops skills needed to be a successful team member and team leader. Students learn and apply the tools and techniques necessary to design, establish, and maintain high performing teams within organizations. Corequisite: LEAD 300. Cross-listed with and equivalent to MBA 303 and MGT 300.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

LEAD 304
Leading Complex Change

This course teaches students to think strategically and systemically in order to design and lead complex transformational change in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity. Students are introduced to the latest thinking in neuroscience, complexity leadership, polarity management, and change leadership. Prerequisite: LEAD 300 and LEAD 303. Co-requisite: LEAD 301.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019

LEAD 305
Adaptive Decision Making

Leaders who are capable of adapting their own leadership approaches and their organization's decision-making processes to the circumstances of the business environment will be more effective at leading their organizations in environments that are increasingly unpredictable, complex and even disruptive or chaotic. This course uses applied exercises, case studies and simulations to introduce and practice a variety of business decision-making methods and tools in the context of an organization's changing environment, particularly where cause-and-effect relationships are not simple and linear. Students will consider and be able to operate in two to three modes that assist in adaptive decision making. Prerequisite: LEAD 300, LEAD 301, and LEAD 303.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019

LEAD 306
Integrated Leadership Mastery

This capstone course in leadership provides students with the opportunity to synthesize integrate and reinforce the knowledge, skills and mindset acquired in this leadership program. Students apply skills to influence others, work with individuals from diverse cultures, and respond ethically. Students will strengthen their own internal personal leadership mastery within an increasingly complex external environment. This practical, hands-on course also includes an opportunity to receive specific feedback on current leadership strengths and opportunities for development. Students will be expected to be conceptually as well as analytically rigorous in formulating and defending typical leadership recommendations. Students will develop a personal leadership philosophy guidebook which integrates and synthesizes the knowledge and skills acquitted in the program. Prerequisite: LEAD 300, LEAD 301, and LEAD 303. Corequisites: LEAD 304 and LEAD 305.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019