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OP 300
Operations and Supply Chain Management

3 Unit(s)

Explores operations management and its role in the broader supply chain management (OPSCM) concept in producing and delivering the firm's products and services with the emphasis on how OPSCM supports the firm's core competences and contributes to the achievement of its strategic objectives. Investigates how OPSCM processes are integrated through systems management to achieve internal and external optimization. Examines product and process design for goods and services including strategic planning, structural resource capacity planning including location analysis, tactical planning for performance improvement, execution activities and control techniques. Introduces OPSCM advanced practices such as just-in-time, lean six sigma, demand driven, agile, mass customization, automation, and emerging technology. Project management methodology and application in OPSCM will also be covered. Prerequisite: MATH 40 or BUS 240.

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