Course Catalog

Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

PM 340
Introduction to Project Management

Introduces the principles and techniques of directing and controlling resources for a fixed-term project established for the accomplishment of specific goals and objectives, including issues pertaining to engineering, construction and large-systems development projects. Topics covered are the manager's responsibility, use of systems analysis, scheduling and control of project operations, planning, executing, budgeting and staffing; the manager's role in leadership, motivation, communication, conflict resolution and time management. Class material will be integrated with the information in the PMI®'s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). PM 340 is a prerequisite for any required course in the advanced program.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2020

PM 342
Agile Management for Project Managers

Managers in today's complex, rapidly changing business environment must be able to effectively respond to change, learn consistently, make connections and understand context. This course uses presentation, interactive exercises, and small-group work to explore Agile concepts, principles, roles and responsibilities, and practices. Students will get hands-on experience with Agile management tools and techniques, and gain an understanding of how Agile teams and projects work.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2020

PM 343
Advanced Concepts: Project Planning And Control

Presents an in-depth treatment of critical aspects of planning and control in modern project management. The locus of projects within the overall context of good business practice is emphasized, as well as the role of business analysis and the relevance of business needs. Project-planning issues addressed include project life cycles, constraints, the work breakdown structure, project plan and charter, project estimating, project budgeting and financial control issues and earned value analysis. The latest techniques in project risk management are explored through assessing and controlling of the risk variables with emphasis on project procurement management, solicitation and contracting issues. Project quality management is treated in depth, to include contemporary concepts, tools and techniques. Applications using computer-based software and case studies are drawn from various industries to illustrate the analytical, planning and control activities common to project management. Prerequisite: PM 340.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2020

PM 344
Project Governance: Program and Portfolio Management

Introduces the processes of project governance, project portfolio management and program management. Students will learn how to identify and take the lead in effective project decision-making, manage multiple project investments using principles of program management, organize and control the program-delivery process, and examine the concept of decision rights in IT project governance. They will learn how to charter and organize a program management office (PMO), demonstrate the interrelationship between project governance and portfolio management, articulate the frameworks and objectives of effective project portfolio management, and manage and control the delivery of multiple project investments. Contemporary management texts, case studies and selected readings will be used. Prerequisite: PM 340.

Units: 3 , Offered: Summer 2020

PM 346
The Practice of Project Management

Integrates significant project-management concepts and tools, ranging from the roles of project managers and team members, software tool analysis, project initiation components, advanced project planning and execution, as well as project monitoring and closing. Additionally, critical skills such as negotiation, problem solving, scheduling, risk analysis and earned value are addressed. The course will have a focus on practical applications, supported by outside readings including academic research, case studies and PMI's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK®). Students undertake a course-long research project based on real-world project-management cases. PM 346 is to be taken in the last six units of project management coursework.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2020 , Summer 2020

PM 348
Project Risk Management

Explores and elaborates the role of risk analysis and proactive risk management within a modern enterprise project environment. Acknowledging that risk is an inherent feature of any project, processes and tools are reviewed which enable project teams to identify, plan, manage and control project risks related to the triple constraint, as well as treatment options for risks beyond the project manager's oversight. Methodology presented is consistent with the risk management processes in PMI®'s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), with which comparisons are drawn to risk management strategies used in actual projects, both successful and unsuccessful in outcome. This class builds on a student's basic project management knowledge to provide a more comprehensive and thorough approach with which to successfully address risks inherent in today's cost-sensitive yet demanding project settings. Prerequisite: PM 340.

Units: 3 , Offered: Summer 2020

PM 396
Selected Topics in Project Management

Addresses significant, topical and practical problems, issues and theories in project management. Topics are compiled and selected by the department chair. This course may be taken more than once, provided the same topic is not repeated. Prerequisites will vary based on topic.

Units: 3

PM 398
Internship: Project Management

Offers students the opportunity to receive graduate-level work experience in project management. Students are responsible for their own placement in an internship approved by the department chair. A written internship proposal is required before consideration for this course, and a written report is required upon completion of the internship. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chair or program director.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2020 , Summer 2020

PM 180
Project Management

Introduces project-management tools and techniques and the problems associated with bringing projects in on time and within estimated cost. PERT/CPM, resource leveling, team dynamics and cost estimates will be employed. Students will learn how to develop project proposals and project reports.

Units: 3 , Offered: Summer 2020