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PM 130
Agile Project Management

3 Unit(s)

In this course, students will build off of their existing project management knowledge to dive deeply into Agile project management methodologies. They will work through a summative project where they will use Agile concepts, tools and techniques to successfully manage a technical project from start to finish. Students will begin by exploring the fundamentals of Agile, including frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP. They will then learn about Scrum in detail, covering key concepts, such as sprints, adaptive planning and estimation. Students will also learn how to conduct daily scrums, retrospectives and other key ceremonies to successfully plan and manage a project. While learning these concepts and frameworks, students will practice key project management related soft skills, such as how to plan for unexpected challenges and proactively manage issues that arise on a team. Corequisite(s): PM 50 and PM 100.