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TA 332
State Tax Research, Practice, and Procedure

3 Unit(s)

Covers the state tax structure applied to all taxpayers, as well as various sources of law in California (and other states). Also covers resources available to locate state tax law on various matters. Examines state tax practice, states that require registration to prepare tax returns and that regulate tax return preparers. Discusses state ethical procedures and rules dealing with such issues as client confidentiality, privileged communication, malpractice and the unauthorized practice of law. Also covers state tax procedure including constitutional authority to tax, limitations on imposing taxes (versus fees) and administrative provisions governing rulemaking. Examines state filing requirements, estimated tax payments and amended returns. Discusses statute of limitations and the audit process, as well as unique state penalties and reporting requirements. Cross-listed with and equivalent to LLM 332. Prerequisite: TA 318 or equivalent.