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UGP 10
Gateway to Success

3 Unit(s)

Explores why the adult undergraduate student who has clearly defined goals for personal, academic and professional achievement is more likely to complete a degree program in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of success. Through review of learning theory for adult students, self-assessment activities and written self-reflection, students will define personal and professional goals related to the academic program. Through classroom activities, projects and presentations, students will enhance the skills that lead to achieving those goals and to general academic success. This course will introduce the student to Golden Gate University's culture of professional practice education, as well as support services and resources such as the library and tutoring, advising and career services. A portfolio of student work and a comprehensive academic plan are among outcomes of the course. Must be taken during the first term of enrollment as an undergraduate degree student. An additional materials fee of $65.00 will be charged at the time of registration.

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