Course Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, GGU is currently offering all classes online through the fall term.

  1. Courses listed as offered in-person (SF) will primarily be delivered via Zoom technology, and students will meet at the same time each week with their class.
  2. Courses listed as cyber courses will continue to be delivered via the eLearning platform in an asynchronous format. Students can log in when they want throughout the week to participate in course materials.
  3. Hybrid, Web Conference and Mixed Mode courses will be delivered using a combination of Zoom and eLearning platforms, with some class sessions requiring online attendance at a specified time and date.

To enroll in courses, you must either:
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*Satisfies the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs definition of a "hybrid" class for BAH benefits, provided recipients physically attend at least one in-person class meeting.