Instructional Methods

GGU delivers instruction via the following synchronous (real time) and asynchronous (flexible time) instructional methods:

  • Blended (In-Person/Online)*: Instruction alternates between in-person class meetings and asynchronous class sessions via GGU’s online learning platform.
  • In-Person (Online Enhanced): Instruction is delivered in-person and is supplemented with GGU’s online learning platform to facilitate some course activities and/or content delivery.
  • Mixed Mode*: Instruction is delivered through a combination of in-person/synchronous online class meetings and asynchronous online class sessions via GGU’s online learning platform. The number of synchronous class meetings will vary depending on the section, but each section will have a minimum of one in-person/synchronous online class meeting. Instructors will provide asynchronous online students with the option of attending synchronous class meetings via GGU’s video conferencing system.
  • Online: Instruction is delivered entirely through asynchronous class sessions via GGU’s online learning platform.
  • Web Conference: Instruction is delivered remotely via synchronous online video conferencing system. Sections may be cross-listed with in-person sections so that some students attend class meetings in-person while others attend remotely. This method does not qualify as “in residence” for Veteran Affairs Education Benefits or for international students.

*Satisfies the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs definition of a “hybrid” class for BAH benefits, so long as recipients attend at least one in-person class meeting.