Information Technology Management: Tools for the Trade

In any professional career, it is important to make sure your knowledge and expertise remains current with the changes in the field. Membership in a professional organization can not only provide you with access to research and education but can be a valuable way to connect with other colleagues in your industry. Students can often benefit from scholarships or internships offered by these organizations as well.

Employers may require a certificationanother way to come out ahead in todays competitive job market, or to gain the most up-to-date industry skills. Below you'll find lists of these and other resources for the fields of Information Technology, Project Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management. Student annual fees are included.

Selected Professional Organizations

Selected Certifications

Courses at Golden Gate University are not certification courses. In some cases (see bulletin) course content and textbooks are aligned with certification expectations.

Selected Websites Providing Employment Resources

There are numerous employment resources available to you, through Golden Gate University's Office of Career Planning, through the World Wide Web, and through professional organizations. Several are listed below.