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This comprehensive micro-credential provides students with the knowledge, mindset, and skills to succeed as a leader in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing global environment. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of management and leadership, optimizing one’s “inner operating system,” effectively leading teams, flexible decision making, and leading transformation change efforts within complex organizational environments.

Important Note:

Graduate certificate admission is limited to domestic students. Students that plan to study on an F or J Visa may apply to graduate programs only.


  • Successfully complete the GGU Graduate Writing Placement Exam with a score sufficient to waive graduate writing classes (or satisfy another waiver of GGU's Graduate Writing Placement Exam).
  • Provide academic transcripts showing that he/she has completed mathematics courses equivalent to MATH 20 or above with a grade of "B" or better before enrollment.
  • Provide a detailed resume reflecting all education, all work experience and relevant awards, certificates and other accomplishments.
  • Provide a written statement of purpose that addresses the following questions:
    1. Why is the applicant a good fit for the program in terms of his/her academic and professional development?
    2. What strengths and experiences does the applicant have that demonstrate the likelihood of success in the program?
    3. What circumstances or challenges in the applicant's background need additional explanation (if any)?
  • A personal interview may be required, and may be conducted in-person or via web conference.


  • 3.0 Undergraduate
  • 5 years minimum supervisory/management work experience as evidenced on resume
  • Approval of Program Director


LEAD 300
Management & Leadership
LEAD 301
Personal Leadership
LEAD 303
Teamwork in Organizations
LEAD 304
Leading Complex Change
LEAD 305
Adaptive Decision Making
LEAD 306
Integrated Leadership Mastery


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