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By developing a course sequence in collaboration with the department chair, students pursue a course of study tailored to their professional interests. This certificate can be taken independently or combined with other degree programs, such as the Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Important Note:

Graduate Professional Certificate admission is limited to domestic students. Students that plan to study on an F or J Visa may apply to graduate programs only.


Qualified students wishing to enroll in the program may earn the Graduate Certificate in Counseling Skills by completing, with a B average or better, five graduate courses (15 units) with the "PSYCH" prefix at Golden Gate University. These five courses are chosen in consultation with the program director.

Applicability of Undergraduate Psychology Courses (Pathway Programs)

As a pathway to the graduate-level counseling programs, students who complete the following undergraduate-level courses at Golden Gate University as a part of completing either the Bachelor of Arts in Management with a Concentration in Psychology or Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Psychology may have the comparable graduate-level required courses waived from their Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Counseling Skills, or Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution program requirements: PSYCH 102 Lifespan Development: Theories and Applications satisfies the PSYCH 302 Lifespan Development: Theories and Applications for Therapists requirement. PSYCH 120 Principles and Methods of Counseling satisfies the PSYCH 320 Therapeutic Communication and Counseling Skills requirement. Note: Students who have not completed (or are expected to complete) the Bachelor of Arts in Management with a Concentration in Psychology or Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Psychology are not eligible for this waiver. As a consequence of having these courses waived, the total number of units required to complete the program will be reduced accordingly.


  • Minimum education: Bachelor's degree
  • Prerequisite courses: None
  • Student status: Must not currently be enrolled in a GGU degree program.
  • Residency: F or J Visa holders are not eligible.

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