The 2019 VITA Program

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Golden Gate University is offering VITA services for the 2019 tax season. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is sponsored by the IRS and is committed to increasing the number of low-income families and individuals who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit and receive their income tax refunds. VITA services are supported, organized, run by the Earn it! Keep it! Save it! program of the United Way Bay Area nonprofit organization.



For Taxpayers


Income of $56,000 or less

More information on what forms to bring:
  • Required: All taxpayers must be present with photo identification
  • Required: Original Social Security Cards or ITINs for tax filers and dependents
  • Required: Birth dates for tax filers and dependents
  • Optional: Completed Intake Sheet (IRS Form 13614c), expedites processing at site
  • Proof of income using forms:
    • W-2 and/or 1099 forms
    • 1099 Misc from a Job or Contract Work (VITA: expenses are limited to $10,000)
    • 1099 R from Retirement
    • 1099 SSA from Social Security Administration
    • 1099 INT for Interest income (savings or bank account)
    • 1099 DIV from Dividends
    • 1099 G from Unemployment
    • Total cash earned and proof of any expenses
  • Proof of all deductions and expenses or credits (1098T for college tuition and receipts for textbooks, letters from childcare providers, mortgage interest and property taxes, proof of donations, etc.)
    • Form 1098E - Interest paid on Student Loan
    • Form 1098T - Tuition expenses paid for college and receipts for textbooks
    • Name, Address, Social # and Phone Number of your Child Care provider
    • Proof of expenses for your cash income (proof of mileage and expenses)
    • Form 1098 Mortgage and Property Tax
    • Donations over $500 require a letter
    • Medical expenses
Note: We can only prepare 2016-2019 tax returns
  • Health coverage statements for tax filers and dependents (Forms 1095-A, B, or C)
  • Child care provider information, if any (total paid for daycare and daycare provider’s taxpayer ID)
  • Landlord’s name, address & phone number for CA Renter’s Credit
  • Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) issued by the IRS (If the IRS provided you with one)
  • Previous year's tax return (not required, but is useful)
  • Bank accounting and routing number for direct deposit (not required)

Note: We can only prepare 2015-2018 tax returns

For Volunteers

Types of volunteering opportunities:

  • Tax preparation (Advanced, Foreign Student Tax Preparation)
  • Intaking and interviewing the clients: the Intake specialist assists clients with the tax forms, FSC enrollment, organizes tax documents
  • Social media manager

To become a volunteer:

In order to volunteer as a tax preparer or intaker/ interviewer, students must get certified. Websites that would lead students to pass certification tests are the link and learn website of IRS. The website links also show all the pdf study material and resources on the getting certified and passing the test.

Already a volunteer?