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Event: Perspectives on Freedom of Information as a Human Right
Date/Time: 03/24/11 | 12 - 1 pm
03/24/11 12:00 PM*03/24/11 1:00 PM
Location: Room 6208
Department: University Library
Contact: Aira Lipson
Summary: Recent action in Egypt to cut off access to the Internet and continuing restrictions on Internet accessibility in China have inspired William Crossman, GGU instructor, philosopher, futurist and human rights activist, to propose this session.
Details: William will be joined by Sophia Bekele, an international adviser on Internet Policy who was in Cairo when the government cut off Internet access, and Steven Dunlap, who has pursued intellectual freedom issues throughout his career. Please join us for this stimulating discussion. Offered in conjunction with the Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning and Learning Organizations Symposium.

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