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Students and alumni from the schools of Undergraduate Studies, Business, Taxation, and Accounting are taught by practitioners currently working in the field, providing the most up-to-date skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's workplace. In addition to posting positions on GGU careers, there are additional ways employers can increase their visibility on campus while making connections with students.

Note: If you are seeking to hire a law student, please visit the School of Law for posting instructions.

Present on a Career Development Topic

This is an excellent way to gain visibility and share knowledge.Typical presentation topics include resume writing, interviewing skills or industry-related topics. Note that we have several opportunities to virtually connect with the GGU community as well as in person.

Participate in Networking Events

Participate as a panelist or simply attend the networking portion of an event hosted by the Office of Career Planning. See the Eat and Greet event video on the main Office of Career Planning website.

Offer Industry and Job Search Tips in our Weekly Newsletter

Have some career and job search advice you'd like to share with students? Increase your company's visibility through the Golden Gate University's CareerFlash newsletter! The CareerFlash newsletter is sent to students and alumni on a weekly basis and includes a brief tip for career success. With your experience hiring candidates, we invite you to share your tips for success!

Provide Resume Feedback or Career Advice

You can volunteer time and expertise during our Drop-in hours. During this event, you will provide feedback to students about their resume or answer general questions about the job search along with one of our career consultants. Students will stop by on a drop-in basis. You can also feel free to provide information about your organization and recruiting process.

Employer Information Session

Employer information sessions are a great way to outreach to students about your organization. We can host your information session either in-person or online. Please note that information sessions will be hosted based on evaluation of relevancy and student interest.

Group Informational Interviews

Informational interviews can provide employers with a casual space for connecting with students. A select group of students will have the opportunity to learn more about your company or a career field from a representative in your company.This is time for students to ask you questions, there is no need for you to be looking to fill a specific position.

Tax & Accounting Career Fairs

If you are looking to connect with our tax and accounting students and recent graduates, visit GGU Careers to register for our upcoming fair on September 21, 2018. Keep in mind some additional Tax and Accounting Recruitment Season events which you can also find on GGU Careers.


About Connecting with Students & Alumni:

Kandis Rodgers
Assistant Director


Visit our online career management system, GGU Careers, to post a position for students and alumni within the schools of Business, Taxation, and Accounting. If you are seeking a law student, please visit the School of Law for posting instructions.


Students and alumni are able to view the posting when they log into GGU Careers. Most positions will appear on the Office of Career Planning home page as well as be available for faculty members to post in their online classrooms.

Several postings are selected and highlighted each week to be included in our weekly e-newsletter sent to over 3000 students and alumni.


GGU reserves the right to refuse job or internship postings which we deem unacceptable including, but not limited to:
  • Positions not related to an academic program offered at Golden Gate University (i.e. teaching, software/computer programming). View a List of Academic Programs.
  • Unpaid internships: The Dept of labor has strict guidelines regarding unpaid internships and we want to ensure that our employers are in compliance with the U.S. Department's Fair Labor Standards Act. You may also view NACE's Position Statement on Internships.
  • All positions that would employ students by a private individual with an un-established business and no employment contract (e.g. babysitting, caretaker, tutor). We encourage students and alumni to search public job boards for such opportunities.
  • Any position that discriminates against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.
  • Positions that require a fee for training or to participate in a work experience.
  • Commission-only positions that are not stated as such
  • Volunteer positions
  • Positions for law students or lawyers. These positions can be posted through GGU Law School Career Services.

Before posting a job or internship, we recommend that you review the Department of Justice's "Best Practices for Online Job Postings" to ensure compliance with anti-discrimination laws.


"We had three distinct job opportunities here, and GGU was able to help us fill each with qualified candidates. We believe we found three people who matched our business requirements. Of equal importance, we were able to offer career opportunities that married well to their own personal and professional development."

-- Cosmo Rotundo (MBA 97), Proactive Network Consulting (PNC)

"We have been working with Golden Gate University (GGU) for a couple of years now and have always found great candidates for both intern positions and full-time roles. GGU was successful in assisting us to source candidates for various roles. They are knowledgeable about their students, thoughtful when collaborating on events and over-all they make it very easy for companies to work with them. We look forward to growing our partnership with GGU."

-- Melisa Thomson, University Relations & CBSi Cares Manager, CBS Interactive


About Posting a Job or Internship:

Office of Career Planning



An internship is an experiential learning tool for students. Through an internship they can apply what they are learning in the classroom to a "real-world" problem or project. An internship exists primarily for the benefit of the student -- not the site. An interns' activities should relate to their course of study. Less than 20% of their tasks should be clerical in nature.

Generally, internships take place over 16 weeks and should provide the student with 180 hours of experiential learning. Interns may be paid or unpaid; certain restrictions apply to each. There is no obligation on the part of the employer to offer regular employment to the student following the structured internship experience.


To offer an internship for-credit, simply post the position on GGU Careers. Your internship will then be reviewed and posted for students. If we feel the internship may not be credit-worthy, we will contact you and suggest modifications.

Position descriptions should identify key tasks and responsibilities of the intern. Outline in detail what they will be working on -- the more information you can provide, the better applicants you will receive. Avoid using one-line descriptions as they do not provide enough information.

Use a specific job title that will attract attention - The title "Intern" may not be enough to get a student to click on your position description. If you have more than one type of internship or job, please post them separately.


If you are hiring your first intern or thinking about creating an internship program, we encourage you to read the Guide to a Successful Internship Program and browse some useful internship guides. It provides helpful hints on what to expect, how to supervise an intern, and ways to provide the best experience for both intern and employer.


About Internships Program:

Neepa Parikh