Student Services

Golden Gate University strives to satisfy your needs as a student to ensure your success — in a convenient, personalized and pleasing way.


Tap into a network of people standing by to help you when you need it. we provide comprehensive advising services — from admission to graduation — and beyond.


At GGU, we strive to help students reach their highest potential by offering free online and in-person writing and math tutoring assistance to current GGU students.


Introducing TimelyCare, GGU's new 24/7 health and well-being support. Get free virtual care from anywhere with on-demand, care from your phone or desktop.


Join peers from 34 countries in the heart of San Francisco. GGU provides help with Visa paperwork, housing information, and more.

Student Life

There's a vibrant GGU community that you can access while you're a student and after you graduate.

The GGU community has one common thread: the hard work and perseverance it takes to attend classes as working adults.

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Student Government Association (SGA) represents the various interest groups of GGU.

It is a student-oriented organization linking students and the school administration, integrating the GGU student body, and representing students' viewpoints and interests in all situations.

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Student Academic & Cultural Clubs are a vital part of the GGU Community experience that supports the school's mission to prepare individuals to lead and serve embracing ethics and diversity.

Clubs sponsor a variety of events such as conferences, workshops, and speakers that provide distinct opportunities for learning, networking, and socializing outside of the classroom.

The Golden Gate University Bookstore also has a wide range of student supplies and is the only place to show your school spirit with GGU branded apparel and other merchandise.


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Student Health Insurance Options

At Golden Gate University, domestic and international students are responsible for obtaining their own health insurance coverage. However, we very strongly recommend that international students and their accompanying family members (F-1, J-1, B1/B2 visa holders) have health insurance while in the United States. It is important to be aware that the United States healthcare system is quite different from the system in your home country. Having health insurance coverage while in the U.S. is crucial as costs can be extremely high if you are injured or sick and do not have coverage.

Health insurance is required for GGU domestic and international students who will avail of UC Hastings Academic Village and Academic of Art University Student Housing.

For more information about health insurance coverage, please visit the following public and private providers and marketplaces:

Health Insurance Disclaimer

Golden Gate University (GGU) assumes no responsibility for the products or services from listings on the GGU or partner websites or references to health insurance agencies, providers, websites, newspapers, or bulletin boards. Health insurance information posted on this page is done so for informational purposes only and the university takes no responsibility for any legal contracts or agreements made. All information regarding health insurance coverage should be assessed carefully before making any legal commitments. Any references made by GGU do not constitute any type of legal obligation by the university, including faculty, staff, and students.

Golden Gate University maintains a list of nearby residential housing options with a variety of amenities, close to public transportation and local attractions. These properties are not affiliated with or owned/operated by GGU.

Building from its rich and vibrant history, Golden Gate University has been a part of the San Francisco Bay Area community for 100+ years.

Student Life at Golden Gate University is full of exciting and rewarding times. Here are a few events that highlight the rich experience of being a GGU student.

graduation 2018

Student Success Orientation

Student Success Orientation is your opportunity to learn about the services available to you as a GGU student, to ask questions, meet some of the faculty members, meet other new students, get academic advising and register for classes if you have not done so already.


Each Spring, Golden Gate University holds commencement ceremonies to honor and celebrate the proud achievements of its graduating classes.

GGU Community Days

Community Days are perfect opportunities to meet and network, take a break from your studies and spend time with your families and fellow classmates.

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Phone: 415-442-7288

Office of Accessible Education

Accommodations for students with disabilities, such as modifications, auxiliary aids, or services, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Some examples are: electronic texts, course notes, recording devices, reader and transcription services, exam accommodations, interpreters, and real-time captioners. Students seeking disability accommodations should begin the verification process as early as possible.

For more information, visit Office of Accessible Education.