Student Services for Degrees+ Students

Golden Gate University strives to satisfy your needs as a student to ensure your success — in a convenient, personalized, and pleasing way.

Services and resources for students in our general bachelor's programs or the Associate's Degree in General Studies can be found in the main GGU Student Services page.

Use the Outlier Dashboard for:

Advising, Tutoring, Orientation, and other resources for Degrees+ Programs.

Use the myGGU Portal for:

Grades and transcripts, graduation, finances and financial aid, the student handbook, and more resources.

Office of Accessible Education

Accommodations for students with disabilities, such as modifications, auxiliary aids, or services, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Some examples are: electronic texts, course notes, recording devices, reader and transcription services, exam accommodations, interpreters, and real-time captioners. Students seeking disability accommodations should begin the verification process as early as possible.

Visit the Office of Accessible Education

Student Life at Golden Gate University is full of exciting and rewarding times. Here are a few events that highlight the rich experience of being a GGU student.


Each Spring, Golden Gate University holds commencement ceremonies to honor and celebrate the proud achievements of its graduating classes.

GGU Community Days

Community Days are perfect opportunities to meet and network, take a break from your studies and spend time with your families and fellow classmates.


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The Golden Gate University Bookstore is the only place to show your school spirit with GGU branded apparel and other merchandise.


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Student Policies

Classroom Guidelines and Student Responsibilities

Students have the following responsibilities in this, and any other, course taught at Golden Gate University:

  1. Read syllabus and course information carefully.
  2. Read lectures and other required learning materials carefully.
  3. Participate in discussions (in-person and/or online) and engage in learning activities.
  4. Actively engage the material and ask questions of the instructor when confused about any aspect of the course.
  5. Complete all required activities (including discussions, quizzes, case studies, essays, applied learning assignments and final exams) in a timely manner following the instructions for each activity.
  6. Treat other students and the instructor with civility and respect.
  7. Abide by the Student Code of Conduct
  8. Other: Please also see specific course policies indicated by the instructor on the syllabus.
Policy on Academic Integrity

Students are responsible for knowing and following the University’s Academic Integrity policies. GGU's Policy on Student Academic Integrity is in effect at all GGU teaching locations, including regional classroom sites, corporate sites, and distance courses delivered in any medium. Read the entire Academic Integrity policy here.

GGU Grading Policy

1. Final course grades will be assigned according to the following scale.

Grade Percentage
A 93% - 100%
A- 90% - 92.9%
B+ 87% - 89.9%
B 83% - 86.9%
B- 80% - 82.9%
C+ 77% - 79.9%
C 73% - 76.9%
C- 70% - 72.9%
D+ 67% - 69.9%
D 63% - 66.9%
D- 60% - 62.9%
F 0% - 59.9%

2. Please also see the specific weighted grading policy as indicated by the instructor on the syllabus.

3. For online classes, please also review the Online Discussion Forum Participation grading policy.