Student Services: Wellness Resources

At GGU Wellness Resources, our mission is to help you optimize your performance and well-being in your academic, social, relational, and career roles. We offer health education, interactive-wellness trainings, and confidential individual counseling sessions to help support you as you work toward your life and career goals.

Privacy is always respected and all our records are maintained offline and separately from academic records.

Current Students:  Log into GGU4YOU to Access Wellness Resources


Golden Gate University will sponsor two therapy sessions for all students

Golden Gate University teamed up with META to help you handle the stress that comes with college life.

META is a mobile app that delivers easy access to private and confidential counseling services - when and how you want.

The META app includes:


  • Two teletherapy sessions, at no cost, for all GGU students
  • Video, phone, and chat counseling
  • "Buzz" video and articles
  • Completely private interactions


Even if you don't need help today, we've got your back if you ever do.

Be sure to indicate you're a Golden Gate University student during registration!

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