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Tuition & Fees: Fees

ADMISSIONS APPLICATION FEES (including transcript evaluation)

  • Undergraduate (domestic applicant or re-applicant): $55
  • Graduate (domestic applicant or re-applicant): $70
  • Doctoral (domestic applicant or re-applicant): $85
  • All International Applicants or Re-Applicant: $110
  • International (F-1) Student Tuition Deposit: $750
  • Certificate (domestic applicant or re-applicant): $40


  • Cohort Fee: $1,000 one-time, non-refundable professional business fee (Accounting & Taxation graduate cohort programs only)
  • Commencement Fee: $100
  • Deferred tuition -- Employer reimbursement plan (per term): $100
  • Deferred tuition -- Installment payment plan (per term): $55
  • Doctoral business core exam: $150
  • Doctoral dissertation binding (four copies and copyright/microfilm service): $300.00
  • Doctoral qualifying exam: $150
  • Duplicate diploma: $50
  • International Student Services (per term; applies to all students except US permanent residents and US citizens): $250
  • Late registration: $100
  • Other Fees: Fee varies by program, course, or section; consult the course schedule for details
  • Returned check service charge fee: $25
  • Student ID replacement fee: $10
  • Transcript Request
    • Online (per copy + $2.25 per address): $6
    • Offline (per copy): $12
  • Transcript rush processing
    • US Address (per address): $20
    • International Address (per address): $30
    • Rush -- Hold for pickup: $20


Domestic Students


International Students (F-1 & J-1 visa holders)

  • More info available through here

Late Fees

  • Late payment fee for installment payment plan: $35 per occurrence plus a 1.5 percent finance charge per month beginning 30 days after the final installment was due.
  • Late registration fee: $100.00


If you wish to register for a course after the Add Period, you must submit the written approval (e-mail is acceptable) of the course instructor and a senior school administrator of the school in which the course is offered and pay a $100 late fee. The fee is assessed only once per term regardless of the number of courses you are registered for after the Add Period. The fee is assessed even if you are adding a different section of a course you dropped that term.

Auditor Discount

Golden Gate University offers a discount of one-third off the cost of a course for students who choose to audit a course. You must select audit status when you register. Should you register for a course in non-audit status, and later change to audit, no refund will be given. Audited courses are not eligible for federal financial aid.