Faculty: Louis Barajas

Louis Barajas

Adjunct Professor
San Francisco
Louis Barajas

Born in East Los Angeles, Louis is a living example of the American Dream... a hard working owner of a successful business with a rich family life. After some personal life changing events and years of experience at major financial planning, accounting, and consulting firms in Southern California, Louis formed his own wealth and business management firm in 1991 to help hard working men and women, who because of a lack of information or understanding, often made bad choices. Since then, he has created a special financial framework to help people who are inspired to create wealth and use their money to live a better life. Other people he helps are those who have more desire than money, but are committed to create wealth to reach their full potential. His business management firm is the only Latino owned firm that manages the businesses and finances of some of the most iconic internationally recognized Latin celebrities.


FI 403
Business Development in Financial Services


  • Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, UCLA
  • MBA, Claremont Graduate University
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Certified Financial Planner Designation, Denver College of Financial Planning
  • Enrolled to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service


Louis Barajas's books and speeches are aimed at helping people with life's financial challenges.

  • My Street Money: A Street View of Managing Your Money From the Heart to the Bank
  • Small Business Big Life for Women: 7 Secrets for Designing A Business to Help You Live Your Best Life
  • The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth and Happiness for You and Your Family
  • Small Business: Big Life
  • Overworked Overwhelmed and Underpaid


  • One of the Top 100 Financial Advisors in the United States: Mutual Funds Magazine
  • One of America’s Top Advisors: Money Magazine
  • First minority to serve on the National Board of the Financial Planning Association
  • Small Business Journalist of the Year: Los Angeles District Office of the Small Business Administration
  • Person Making a Difference in the Lives of Americans: People en Español
  • Heart of Financial Planning Award: Financial Planning Association (for contributing and giving back to the financial planning community and public through financial planning)


  • USA Today
  • Miami Herald
  • Los Angeles Times
  • People en Español
  • Hispanic Business
  • Senior Market Advisor
  • Latino Leaders Magazine
  • CBS: Sunday Morning
  • CNN: Your Money
  • CNBC
  • Fox Business: The Willis Report
  • Univision: Aqui y Ahora
  • ABC News
  • NPR: Tell Me More; Regular Contributor
  • KCAL/KCBS News Financial Expert