Golden Gate University offers a unique experience for graduate students across the country. We offer a variety of options for instruction to best suit all of our candidates, so every student can feel like they are working up to their potential. With an array of specialized instruction, online education, and accelerated degree programs, GGU gives students the flexibility to attend school full time or part time, in person at one of our teaching centers or online. We also provide top-tier career placement services and a variety of alumni network perks, so we continue to work with our graduates long after they receive their degrees.


Education that suits your goals & your schedule

Whether you're looking to advance in your career or transition to a brand new field, we have a degree to help you get there.

Choose from a wide variety of graduate programs at our downtown San Francisco campus -- most of which are available fully online.



Online, on-campus, or both

Golden Gate University eLearning lets students earn their graduate degree without ever setting foot on campus -- offering the ultimate in freedom while maintaining the same rigorous academic standards as traditional in-class instruction.

eLearning also allows instructors to incorporate online components into on-campus classes, allowing for a dynamic, flexible learning experience.


Instructors who teach what they do

Rather than staffing ivory tower educators, we give students real-world instruction from practicing professionals -- many of whom are leaders in their field.

Students interact with experts who teach them to be the next generation of experts. Through instruction and internship, students can develop powerful connections to create a a network in place to help them find rewarding work.



Students come from around the world to study at GGU. They offer a rich variety of life experiences and business backgrounds, which foster an understanding multinational business.

Domestic students can build a truly global network and make the connections crucial for success in a global economy.