Profiles: Angelina Grona

Angelina Grona

Angelina Grona

BA 15

Events Marketing Manager at Invoca

Angelina Grona desired to attain her degree since the age of five. She understood that education was something she could always rely on. With that, she embarked on a life long journey dedicated to learning. However, no one told her that getting an education would be difficult.

Angelina earned a certificate in marketing and an associate's degree in science at City College of San Francisco. Her persistent attitude led her to pursue a bachelor's degree at GGU. She says that enrolling at Golden Gate University was one of the best decisions she made. She knew that she would be taught by faculty who are also practicing professionals, and that she would learn from the different perspectives of her classmates. With a few semesters at GGU under her belt, Angelina decided to apply her newfound knowledge to the work world, so she became a student-employee. Working at the marketing department of GGU, Angelina had the chance to apply marketing theories in the real world. One of her responsibilities was to create newsletters and e-mails for prospective students so they could achieve their own academic goals. Angelina also wrote social media posts and newsletters to inform students and employees of important university communications.

Now that Angelina has graduated from GGU, she is facing different kinds of barriers in the workforce, but that doesn't stop her from pursuing what she loves -- learning. With a bachelor of arts degree in management (marketing concentration), and her experience working at GGU, Angelina knows that she is equipped with the right knowledge to lead, motivate and inspire others in today's challenging global economy.