Profiles: Denis Minaev

Denis Minaev

Denis Minaev

MA, I/O Psychology 12

Business Consultant

Denis Minaev was born in Russia and then moved to US the on his own at 16. Apart from leaning the English language and receiving a high school degree, Denis devoted a lot of time and effort into playing tennis, which turned out to be a great investment. Denis received a college scholarship and participated in the tennis program while obtaining his BA in Psychology.

He immediately went on to GGU's MA in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology so that he could follow his passion. In his career, he would like to help others in the workplace to grow and maximize their full potential. For the last nine years, Denis has been learning and developing all the essential skills necessary to succeed in life and in his career.

Denis believes that now all this knowledge and skills will serve as a basis for a successful professional career in the organizational development field.