Profiles: Ellen Ho

Ellen Ho

Ellen Ho

MS in Accounting with Honors 12

Senior Technical Accountant at SurveyMonkey

Ellen Ho graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Marine Biology before discovering she was prone to seasickness. After enduring a quarter-life crisis, she returned to the Bay Area and received her Master of Accountancy from Golden Gate University. She loved being a part of the cohort class and could not have made it through the program without the support of her classmates (whom she can now also call her friends!) She is very thankful for the opportunities GGU has afforded her.

Ellen is currently an Assurance Associate with BDO USA, LLP and has survived her first busy season. Her roommates, also known as Mom and Dad, are very proud of her. In her spare time, she is studying for the CPA exam and also looking to get new roommates. Ellen hopes to one day raise awareness for the profession by educating people that auditors don't do taxes.