Profiles: Jesse Sapakie

Jesse Sapakie

Jesse Sapakie

MAc 15

Accountant at Cloudflare, Inc.

Jesse Sapakie was a high school choir director in Arizona for close to 20 years before he and his wife moved to San Francisco so he could join the master of accountancy cohort at Golden Gate University.

Before their move, helpful advice from teacher colleagues included, "It is too windy in San Francisco," "You're too old; no one will hire you," and, "You have a beard; no one will hire you." Almost two years later, Jesse is a first-year assurance staff at Ernst & Young, having learned much from his GGU professors and fellow cohort members, who made even the toughest courses a joy.

He and his wife, Polly, also welcomed their beautiful daughter, Betsy, the day after he was to start his training at Ernst & Young and have managed to survive despite the city's windy conditions.