Profiles: Myleka Johnson

Myleka Johnson

Myleka Johnson

BA 15

Project Analyst at UCSF School of Medicine

Purpose, motivation and direction were three things Myleka Johnson was lacking when she changed majors for the third time by her junior year at the University of Nevada, Reno. College proved to be challenging. Extracurricular activities began to take center stage, and school work slipped into the background -- so much so that in April 2009, Myleka welcomed a baby boy, Anthony Jr., into the world. Little AJ's arrival brought hurdles, but it also gave Myleka the purpose her life was lacking.

That spark of purpose motivated Myleka to transfer her undergraduate credits and complete her associate's degree in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in communication. Several temp jobs later, she landed a permanent position with the University of California, San Francisco, and relocated to the Bay Area. After she was passed over for a promotion in favor of someone with more experience, Myleka realized that in order to get ahead, she would have to complete her bachelor's degree.

At Golden Gate University, Myleka found the path she wanted of her life to take. Extraordinary staff, exceptional faculty, challenging coursework, and camaraderie from classmates helped her to focus and make progress. With hard work, motivation and direction, Myleka Johnson finished her degree, and has made great strides in becoming the person she knows she can be.