Jennifer Hartwell



New Faculty Does Her Part to Make Business a Little More Green

Dr. Hartwell will be in GGU’s management department focusing on both organizational behavior and sustainability. She was most recently an associate professor of management at United States International University in Nairobi where she taught in a masters program in Organizational Development for African managers with leadership promise. Before moving to Kenya with her family, she served as the associate executive director of a masters degree program in organizational leadership at Quinnipiac University and a Research Fellow at MIT. Dr. Hartwell has consulted on organizational transformation, leadership communication, and teambuilding for high-tech, healthcare, insurance, and government executives in the US and Kenya. Dr. Hartwell earned an M.E.S. from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Boston College.

She, her husband, and two children are delighted to have moved from Nairobi to Oakland, California last month. They know the Bay Area will provide them with a lot of opportunity to enjoy their hobbies like hiking, biking, and strolling with their dogs.

What led you to accepting this position with GGU?

Golden Gate’s student population is my favorite type of student. I find teaching management courses to working adults very rewarding. The students are able to immediately apply the knowledge shared in my classroom to their workplaces and make a difference in their own and their organization’s lives. I also enjoy all the learning I experience working with my adult students.

What’s great about GGU?

I have worked at numerous universities and one characteristic that stands out to me about GGU is the collegial work environment. Also, I think the diverse student population is fantastic. The GGU students mirror the global work environment and that is exciting to me.

What types of jobs can students get if they study organizational behavior or sustainability?

Organizational Behavior is one of those fields that is applicable to EVERY type of career in any industry because it is about the psychology and sociology of people at work. Whether you are in law, finance, engineering, medicine, etc. there will not be a day that goes by at work when you don’t ask yourself questions related to organizational behavior, like; “How can I work better with this person? How can I get my department to communicate more effectively? How can I build myself as a leader? How can my team best achieve its goals? And How can I get my organization to make needed changes?” If a person focuses his/her studies on organizational behavior s/he can expect to pursue a career in management, human resources, organizational development consulting, or academia.

Like organizational behavior, sustainability is an area that is applicable to all jobs in all fields, whether you are a top executive or a fork-lift operator.

Why do you like these areas?

Organizational behavior significantly impacts our daily work life and our effectiveness. Sustainability is a significant current challenge our organizations grapple with and I feel I am making a meaningful contribution by helping managers move towards sustainable business models.