Profiles: Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson


Assistant Director, Advising Services

Ageno School of Business

In short, I'm a very stylish girl living in SF with an odd sense. Being a California native, I welcome all newcomers to the Golden State. I work in Higher Education, so I am always in a constant state of osmosis. I smile at strangers and children. However, my heart beats faster when I see doggies big or small. I mentor with Students Rising Above, volunteer, and socialize in and out of SF. My arms are always open if you ever need a hug (I give good ones). I re-read books all the time and love the SF Library. I have enjoyed my time and hope to have more time to become the person I am supposed to be until, I am no longer needed.

I have a Bachelors in Social Science, and a Masters in Human Resources which has allotted me a number of opportunities to learn and implement techniques for a great working environment. Being in Higher Education for the last 10 years has been challenging and rewarding. I have seen the online learning environment take off into a wondrous direction. I am a great believer in the MOOC's model and have taken a course or two. Recruiting, Coaching, Strategic Management, and Training and Development are the keys to my career path.