Profiles: Alameda County Sherrif's Office

Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Alameda County Sheriff's Office

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"GGU used its resources to implement a survey which was administered to our employees. As a result, we garnered well-needed insight into our employees goals, abilities, and educational levels. The logistics and coordination involved in meeting the needs of our agency could not have been accomplished without addressing our specific needs."

-- Brett Ketteles, Assistant Sheriff, Alameda County Sheriffs Office

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office was looking to improve the decision-making skills of its employees. In consulation with Golden Gate University, the Sheriff's Office focused on the courses that would aid in developing organization and communication skills.

GGU found ways to accept academic credit for real-life experience. For example, GGU gave credit for attending police academies and credited employees for developing specialties in the field, such as homicide investigation and fraud.

A mixed-mode (online and on-site cohort classes) was chosen to fit busy schedules and build camaraderie among employees working together through the program. Instructors were carefully selected so that they had a regional connection and materials were chosen to correspond with the real-world issues facing both the Sheriff's Office and Alameda County.

The result has been a successful partnership, customized to the specific needs of the organization.