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Cameron Shahabedin

Cameron Shahabedin


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Tell me something special or interesting about your background before you went to law school?

I am a qualified US sailing instructor! I started sailing in 1998 in Marin at a sail camp and in 2003 I become the head of the camp, serving as the head of camp for two years. The sail camp offered three main camps for youth interested in sailing: (1) mini camp (ages 6-9), (2) basic camp (ages 9-15), and (3) racing camp (ages 16-18).

Why did you decide to go to law school/why the JD/MBA program/what do you plan to do with the dual degree and what do you like about the program at GGU Law?

My father is in business and I always knew I wanted to go into business as well. During high school, I participated in moot court. From that experience, I knew that I would be good in law. As a result, I decided, to go into both business and law. I chose GGU Law because in being admitted to the program and speaking with Associate Dean Dalfen, I realized that if I was willing to take on and meet the challenges of the program, the school in turn would be here to support me. GGU Law gave me the opportunity to prove to myself that I was capable of success and I think that this unique challenge and support approach allows GGU Law students to do well for themselves upon graduation.

Tell me something special or interesting about your law school experience.

When I was a 1L, I was debating whether I had actually made the right choice to come to law school. In fact, I was thinking that I should get out of the program. During this time, I had a class where I had to argue a point knowing that most of the class did not agree with my side. I successfully presented a persuasive argument to the class and this was my "aha! moment." This experience revealed to me that I have the ability to make clear and persuasive arguments and that I can achieve and overcome -- no matter what the challenge may be.

What is your greatest source of motivation/support as you work towards your JD/MBA?

My greatest motivation is my family, but the term "family" is really a broad term for me. First, my parents motivate me. My mother (Swedish) and father (Persian) are both immigrants. Both of their stories are full of the idea of sacrifice in order to create a better life for themselves and their family. I am motivated to receive my JD/MBA because I feel that by doing good, I am doing justice by them. I am also motivated by my younger twin sister. I think that my sister and I are reflections of each other and we motivate each other to succeed in only a supportive healthy dose of sibling rivalry can. My motivation is also driven by my fiancé. My desire to succeed in the JD/MBA program is very much driven by my desire to provide her with a wonderful and satisfying life.

What is your favorite thing you do when you are not at law school?

I love sailing and riding my Harley 883 Iron Sportster. I have put much pride and work into my Harley and have customized it for myself (and my fiancé). I love to go for weekend rides for about an hour and a half in the early morning.

What message/advice do you have for your fellow law students?

I have three key points of advice: (1) Ask questions: if you're afraid to ask questions, you will make mistakes. Having answers means you'll produce better work; (2) You can NEVER do enough research: the only time you have done enough research is when you have run out of time; and (3) I love quotes and there's a great quote from Gen. George S. Patton (US Army) that simply states, "Always Audacity": don't let your fears keep you from acting. You can do it! Your goals and ambitions are not outside of your reach, but you have to be audacious enough to act upon your goals and ambitions.

If not in law school right now, what would you be doing?

I would probably be running a series of businesses. Before coming to law school, I managed a moving company and was in the process of expanding that business and getting into the bar/restaurant business as well. I want to make a impact in the area of environmental law but once I decide to retire, I want to enjoy a full retirement and do something radically different like opening a bar and restaurant.