Jeff Fish

Bachelor of Science


Succeeding and Giving Back

Jeff Fish was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is very active in the community. He recently signed up to participate in his first triathlon to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Jeff made a commitment to raise $2,200, and topped his personal bar of $3,000 by bringing in $3,600. He also met his own goal "to have fun and get in shape."

During training, Jeff juggled classes at Golden Gate University and his job as a Senior Business Continuity and Emergency Planning Specialist at PG&E. He also traveled to the Midwest to support family during the deaths of two of his aunts and the illness of his grandmother. This time away did impact his triathlon readiness and well as his studies, but Jeff's commitment and ambition to keep working on his Bachelors degree helped to pull him through.

Jeff is also active at Golden Gate University at the Wellness Center where he helps students, faculty and staff gain the ability to achieve spiritual development. He plans on finishing his studies in his Bachelor of Science program and possibly continue on for his MBA at Golden Gate University.