Profiles: Julie Lim

Julie Lim

Julie Lim

JD 17

Fashion & IP Law converge for this former model

After she completes her JD at Golden Gate University this spring, third-year law student Julie Lim hopes to combine two of her passions: fashion and IP law. Her interest in fashion stems from the year she spent as a model after she graduated from UCLA. And her interest in fashion law was first piqued when she was working as a legal assistant at the Ryu Law Firm in Los Angeles.

Founder Francis Ryu, a GGU Law alumni, “was a great mentor and made me want to go to GGU,” Lim says. “He was so passionate with his clients and successful with his cases. I decided maybe law could be it for me.” While working at the firm, she got to draft her first response to a complaint under Ryu’s guidance for a clothing manufacturer involved in a copyright infringement case for allegedly infringing on a textile design. Lim was hooked.

Since GGU didn’t have any classes in fashion law, one of her professors, Marc Greenberg, put her in touch with the U.S.’s first fashion law professor who runs the two-week Fashion Law Boot Camp in New York. She went east for the program and learned about the life of a garment and the legal issues connected to all phases of design and fabrication. She also delved into issues of law in modeling, a topic she chose to write for her independent study research paper during her 3L year.  She also attended the same program in San Francisco, focusing on wearable tech, where she learned about the legal issues arising from how technology has affected the fashion industry.

Faculty members at GGU have been great resources to her, especially those who are active as practicing attorneys. She’s currently working as an intern at a SaaS company and an IP law firm, thanks to connections she made through her professors. With two internships and the course load of a 3L, she’s had a very full plate—but that’s what she figures she needs to do.

“I know how tough the job market is and I’m aware that a lot of employers look for people with prior legal experience,” she says. “Hustle is my motto.”