Profiles: Lena Ajamian

Lena Ajamian

Lena Ajamian

MAc 11

Accountant at CellMark

Excerpts from the Life of a GGU Tax Intern

While a GGU student, Lena Ajamian interned at a regional public accounting firm in the Bay Area, bringing strong accounting knowledge and skills to a tax season internship. Her thorough and entertaining internship log will give you a peek into the life of a tax intern.

January 11:

I worked on four more extensions for partnerships and trusts today. It took me nearly an hour to complete each one (compared to 5 to 10 minutes for an experienced person).

January 24:

I managed to do one partnership return today. It was my first time actually doing a return. The manager said that it usually takes her about one hour; it took me eight.

January 28:

The partnership return from the other day came back to me with markups. There was more red than black on my return. It took the manager two whole hours to mark it up (she could have done the return in one hour), and another hour to explain to me what I did wrong (which was pretty much the entire return). She assigned to me two more returns at which point I was just terrified to look at my screen. It took me only six hours to complete the next return and three hours to complete the last return.

January 31:

Today I received an excellent evaluation from my supervisor for the last two returns that I did. I didn't make any mistakes; however, the client called and needed to make some additional changes to all three returns. It took me two hours trying to figure out how to update the returns (with two people helping me).

February 9:

I was assigned an S-Corp return. The budgeted time was eight hours. I completed the return in three (even though I have never done a S-Corp before). While proofing the return, I found an error in the balance sheet. It took me six hours to fix the problem. I had to ask four different people to look at it, but no one seemed to find anything wrong. Finally, the last person figured out that the client had wrongly categorized and lumped some of the information she provided to us.

March 1:

It has been a day of trusts! I managed to get four simple Trust Returns started today. I even got close to finishing one of them.

March 9:

I completed yet another trust, this one had rental income so it was a bit more complicated than usual. Yes, you may now call me the "Trust Queen."