Profiles: Sarah Yohay Eaquinto

Sarah Yohay Eaquinto

Sarah Yohay Eaquinto

JD 14

Staff Attorney & Volunteer Attorney Support Coordinator at Volunteer Legal Services

How did you end up in San Francisco?

Sarah grew up in Brooklyn, New York with her older brother and parents. After high school Sarah spent time in Italy, and then enrolled at Claremont McKenna in southern California. Sarah enlisted in the military in 2009, completed her basic training in South Carolina, and then moved to Daly City, where she lives with her husband Ben.

What did you do before you attended GGU Law?

Prior to embarking on a legal career, Sarah was a nutritional specialist in the military. Her work as nutritional specialist allowed her to focus on the special dietary needs of service members who were hospitalized or recovering from injury. Working closely with doctors and other medical staff Sarah refined nutritional plans and diets to best suit the needs of those recovering.

With your interest in medicine, what made you decide upon law school?

From an early age, the legal field was of interest to Sarah. In middle school she was part of the model congress, traveling to DC to take part in national events. She really enjoyed learning and understanding the legislative process, being a part of progressive change and the collaborative effort. That grew and in high school as she took part in mock trials. Those mock trials along with majoring in economics and legal studies at Claremont McKenna in her undergraduate program cemented her desire to go to law school. She finds the study of law immensely interesting, although she had to defer starting law school because of job training as part of the military. While in law school, Sarah has discovered that litigation is her calling. Sarah graduates next year with her JD and seeks to go into active duty in the Judge Advocate General Corps, known as the JAG.

Does military service run in your family?

No. Sarah is the only one in her immediate family to serve. Her parents were very concerned at first to have their youngest daughter enlist but with time they have come around and now are very proud. Comparing military life to civilian life, Sarah says they are totally distinct, but two worlds she enjoys and finds ways to meld together.

How did you meet your husband?

Sarah was living in southern California going to school; Ben, also in the military, was stationed in Hawaii at the time but was in southern California for training. He was visiting nearby friends, and Sarah found an excuse to go over and meet him. A conversation began, and the rest is now history. They met just two months before Ben was to begin a 15-month deployment, so spending time apart while being together is something they incorporated into their relationship from the start. Sarah did confess that Ben is in part responsible for her interest in the military and for her enlisting; a decision with which she has been very happy.

When not serving or studying, what keeps your interest?

Sarah loves being outside -- getting out for a hike in the hills or stroll through the Presidio. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Presidio is one of her favorite spots in the city. Given her nutritional training background cooking and books on food are always of interest. Sarah also enjoys spending time with her little niece and her older brother, who live in the Richmond district of San Francisco. One of the upsides of living in Daly City is coming to San Francisco to visit the many museums and try out new restaurants--the city offers a mini-vacation just outside her front door.