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ITM 345

Provides an overview of decision support and business intelligence systems with in-depth coverage of contemporary topics such as text mining, big data analytics, visual data analytics and knowledge management, as well as traditional data warehouse architecture, planning and implementation. Students will understand the business value and use cases for different technologies, and experience BI use in the context of various industry segments (specifically finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail). Beyond the use of a widely respected textbook and contemporary online resources (such as Teradata University Network and Data Warehouse Institute), students will get hands-on experience in building BPM dashboards (i.e. MicroStrategy), visual data representation and analysis (i.e. using Tableau), and decision trees. Assignments are designed to leverage students' own preferences and experiences, and to encourage practical application of the knowledge gathered in class and from their own research.

Prerequisite: Math 240., Units: 3