Master of Science in

Human Resource Management

Attract & Develop an Engaged Workforce

Students gain skills that benefit you on the Human Resources Management job. By studying HRM, students are able to manage people and their development at work. Students learn these skills with a combination of course work led by professionals in the HR field and interactions with fellow students who bring real-world experience through high-level discussions and case studies.

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management degree program is recognized as being fully aligned with the curriculum guidebook of the Society for Human Resource Management® (SHRM®). Our students learn how to consider the perspectives of employees and employers, the ways to effectively manage people, and the importance of employee engagement and development. Students study trends that managers and employees are likely to face in the future, and learn about legal requirements in dealing with employees.

Some students in the program choose to take an internship in Human Resources Management, in lieu of one course, which allows them to gain meaningful "hands-on" HR experience. In some cases, these internships parlay into a job offer upon completion of the degree.

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You must take all of the following: 
HRM 301
Work & Workforce Trends
HRM 302
Acquiring & Retaining Human Resources
HRM 303
Human Resources as Legal Partner
HRM 304
Human Resources Data & Performance Metrics
HRM 305
Total Compensation
HRM 306
Learning & Development
HRM 308
Ethics in Managing People at Work
HRM 309
Human Resources as Strategic Business Partner

You must also take one of the following:

HRM 307
International Human Resource Management
HRM 398
Internship in Human Resource Management



The Master of Science degree in Human Resource management requires completion of 33 units in the graduate program. Each course listed carries three semester units of credit. The foundation program course may be waived if the student has previously completed comparable courses at a regionally accredited college or university. Students may be admitted to advanced program courses before completion of the foundation program course, but must complete the course by the time that 12 units have been earned in the advanced program.


Graduates of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management will be able to:
  • Craft strategic solutions that align stakeholders, HR practices and business needs for successful organizational performance.
  • Build ethical, sustainable and scalable partnerships with organizational business units that support enhanced employee satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify and apply relevant federal, state and local laws and regulations to prevent and solve problems and ethically minimize risk.
  • Assimilate, manage and analyze demographic and business data and metrics using Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) to enable effective human-capital recommendations and decision-making.
  • Promote and facilitate inclusion and employee engagement as a means of expanding and improving people’s contributions.


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