How it Works


You fill out the referral form.


The student enrolls at GGU.


The student receives a tuition grant!

Your Info

(the alum making the referral)

Their Info

(the person you're referring to GGU)

Terms & Conditions

  • The Alumni Referral Form must be submitted by the alum prior to the completion of the application for admission.
  • The Alumni Referral Grant is a one-time grant applied to the recipient's first term tuition.
  • The amount of the grant is $1000 for an undergraduate degree student; $1000 for a graduate degree student.
  • Referral must be made by an alumnus of Golden Gate University.
  • Recipient must enroll within 365 days of being referred.
  • Recipient must apply and be accepted into a degree granting program at Golden Gate University to be eligible for this grant (undergraduate or graduate program; open enrollment and certificate programs do not qualify).
  • Recipient must be a first-time student of Golden Gate University.
  • Grant may be combined with other GGU grants and scholarships, but limits do apply. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Celebrate Their Progress

GGU is committed to student success -- and knowing that someone believes in you is one of the best motivations a student can have. Your referral is just one way you can show support. After they enroll, we'll help you and the student(s) you refer stay connected throughout their time at GGU.


  •  Angela Bartee, ED.D., CFRE
    Director of Alumni Engagement, Stewardship and Special Giving
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