Faculty: Susan Leff

Susan Leff


Adjunct Professor

San Francisco
faculty bio

Susan Leff is the first lawyer in her family. She graduated from Barnard College in 1992 and graduated from GGU Law in 1995 with specializations in litigation and public interest. In 1996, she became a public defender attorney and worked her way up from a beginning misdemeanor trial caseload to handling violent and serious felonies, including homicides and Three Strikes cases. At the San Francisco Public Defender's Office, she co-founded a police practice project and assisted training new lawyers in Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment issues. In 2004, she began working at the San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints, administratively prosecuting police officers.

In 2008, Prof. Leff opened her own private practice, specializing in criminal cases involving police misconduct issues. She has also conducted numerous trainings on identifying and handling police misconduct in criminal defense cases for attorneys and investigators throughout California. Recently, she served as second-chair in a San Francisco special circumstance murder case involving the death of a San Francisco police officer. She is also a Board member of the California Public Defender's Association. In 2011, Prof. Leff was honored to received the National Defense Investigators Association's "Profiles in Courage Award,? "in recognition of dedication and professionalism in training and educating indigent criminal defense investigators, paralegals and public defender personnel, and willingness to speak truth to power in the face of adversity." Prof. Leff currently teaches Criminal Litigation, Criminal Litigation Clinic and Trial Advocacy. She has two children and also designs jewelry in her spare time.