Welcome to our mini-marathon of PPT presentations via ZOOM.

Think: Lunch, Learn, and Laugh!


Golden Gate University will be hosting a series of fun, informative, & possibly goofy 5 minute presentations on: April 17th starting at 11am and ending at 1pm-ish.

You can join us as a presenter or join us as a virtual audience member to enjoy watching others present a pastiche (aka soup, stew, collection) of presentations on a host of subjects: some funny, some informative, all live, and all interesting!



Do you want to be a live presenter on Friday April 17? 


Select the "Register" button to fill out the form to tell us what you would like to present (due by April 10).

We will respond with a confirmation and relative time slot by email by April 12.

You will share your screen and have 5 minutes to present followed by a few minutes to answer questions, and for oohs and ahhs.

Please keep it PG14 and free of politics & religion.

Be creative.


Do you want to join us for the adventure of PPT on Friday April 17 at 11am? 


Select the "Register" button to join us..

Feel free to drop in and out of the mini-marathon. You can attend for 50 minutes or 5!

We will send you a 'relative' schedule of presentations so you can choose what topics interest you along with a ZOOM link.

Join the fun.