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Congratulations, You Made It Through 2020... Now, What?

April 23 & April 28

The pandemic has driven businesses across the country into an unprecedented downturn. Now our economy is reopening and is poised for robust renewal and regrowth. GGU along with our co-sponsors California Assemblymember Phil Ting and the San Francisco Public Relations Round Table are here to support you and help you shape your success.   

Join us!



Friday, April 23: 

12:30 PM Small Business & Government: Navigating to Survive & Thrive, Part II   Register


Wednesday, April 28: 

11AM Reckoning, Recovering, and Reopening: The PR Perspective    Register


Friday, April 23 12:30M  

Small Business & Government: Navigating to Survive & Thrive, Part II  

Co-sponsored by Assemblymember Phil Ting and Golden Gate University Ageno School of Business  

Congress recently passed the 1.9 Trillion-dollar American Rescue Plan. This influx of relief funding is providing unique opportunity for growth. We have assembled this esteemed leadership panel from Federal, California State, and local administrations and organizations to walk you through how best to position your business to keep your doors open and thrive.   

Join California Assemblymember Phil Ting, Golden Gate University and our panel to discuss  economic stimulus relief, availably and forecast for small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs: 

  • Leverage government partnerships, resources, and information    
  • Find advisory/consultative resources available for small businesses   
  • Make connections with decision makers   
  • Learn about the latest legislation and implementation 
  • Find underutilized grants, loans, and general assistance for minority owned and all small businesses  

Our Distinguished Panel:   

Representative Jackie Speier, 14th Congressional District  

AssemblymemberPhil Ting, District 19  

Julie Clowes, District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration   

Bianca BloomquistSenior Manager, California Policy & Engagement   

Robert Shoffner, Moderator, Director of MBA & Entrepreneurship Program, Golden Gate University  


Friday, April 28 11AM 

Reckoning, Recovering, and Reopeing

From COVID and the new economy to racial justice and social media’s shifting role, the issues that came to define the past year have permanently changed our political and social landscape. This has created opportunities—and pitfalls—to which communication practitioners and teams will need to adapt in the coming decade, and beyond.  

 Join Golden Gate University and the San Francisco Public Relations Round Table in a panel discussion with public relations and communications professionals who are successfully navigating these new realities—and can show you how your business can do likewise.  

Our experts will talk about the PR challenges surrounding the following hot issues:     


  • Planning for the Post-Pandemic Economy and Your Career/Business  


  • Incorporating Racial Justice into Your Communication Strategy:  
  • Best Practices for Engaging Multicultural and Multilingual Audiences  


  • The Rise of Meme Culture: How Internet Trolls Conquered Public Discourse  
  • Fake News! Deal with It or It Will Deal with You.  
  • So your client just got “Canceled”. Now What?  

Our Distinguished Panel:  

Victoria Sanchez de Alba, founder of De Alba Communications, is likewise a big advocate for diversity and inclusion  

Lisa Abboud, principal at InterEthnica, a communications firm that specializes in multicultural and multilingual outreach, knows better than anyone else (in my view) how to engage immigrant communities, low income communities, and communities of color  

Jay Rooney, Senior Manager, Content Marketing at the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund  

Sarah Segal, Moderator, Partner Greenbrier Segal