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August 23, 2021

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Monday, August 23: 

12:00 PM Sports Marketing: Covering all the Bases!    Register

6:00 PM Retrocomputing: Building on the Shoulders of Failure     Register


Monday, August 23 12:00 PM  

Sports Marketing: Covering All the Bases!  

Did you go to the game this weekend? Ask yourself, how did you know there was a game? Who was playing? What are the stats? How did all those sponsors and billboards get there? We're going to let you in on all that behind-the-scenes stuff: Sports Marketing Management, Sports Marketing Leadership, Sponsorships, and the role of Sports Data Analytics.

Batter up: 

CatcherMichael Savod (Sports Marketing Management) 
Team Manager: Scotty Bastable (Leadership/Sports) 
Pitcher: Jim Lee (Sponsorships) 
Third Base Coach: Stephan Sorger (Data Analytics) 

Michael Savod: Catcher

Sports Marketing is different from traditional marketing. Or is it? How can you leverage marketing management techniques for your sports passion, professionally? What are the basics? Michael will show you how he transitioned from Senior Marketing Executive of Ford Motor Co., Maserati, and Chrysler/Jeep to Professional Sports Marketing.

Michael Savod, Former VP of Sales and Marketing Oakland A's, Marketing Director Oakland Coliseum, VP Sports Marketing, and Marketing Consultant for: USOC, Pan Am Games, NCAA Football Bowl Games, Kentucky Derby and more. He is a much sought-after speaker and professor for universities from California to Texas.

Scotty Bastable: Team Manager

Leadership in marketing is much more than strategizing a marketing plan across media and platforms. It requires Team Building: hiring and inspiring nimble, adaptable experts in strategy who understand clients' goals, trends, and opportunities. What makes a good leader? Scotty will show, by example, how leadership is make or break in successfully leading teams to deliver across sports marketing, corporate strategies, media platforms and economic environments.

Scotty Bastable, VP/Director of Sales at Cummulus Media, CBS, Entrecom and Clear Channel. He has successfully led advertising and sales across the media/sports industry for the past 20 years.

James Lee: Pitcher

A distinguishing element of Sports Marketing is the use of sponsorships. The role of sponsorships in sports marketing creates challenges and opportunities for commercial success (or failures) beyond most other marketing strategies. Choosing the right event to sponsor, or the right sponsor for an event is an exercise in careful analysis, positioning, and foresight.

Jim Lee has over 30 years of experience in Technology Engineering, Sales and Marketing with some of the premier high-tech companies. A partial list of his experience includes Intel, Bell Labs, Sun Microsystems, NetApp and HP. He has been an executive-level spokesperson and presenter in Europe, Asia, South America and the US in addition to being an adjunct marketing professor.

Stephan Sorger: Third Base Coach

Marketing analytics and sports go together like hot dogs and beer. There’s a long history from player metrics on baseball cards to the link of analytics and sports in the movie Moneyball, where Brad Pitt starred as Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, transforming the team using analytics. Baseball isn’t the only sport taking advantage of analytics. Think Super Bowl: Big Dollars, Big Ads, Big Audiences.

Stephan is an expert consultant in applying marketing strategy and analytics to solve industry problems. He is a popular speaker, professor, and author of several books including “Marketing Planning: Where Strategy Meets Action,” the ground-breaking book on analytics, “Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics,” and the newly published book on pricing, “Price Analytics: Strategy, Tactics and Execution.”


Monday, August 23 6:00 PM 

Retrocomputing: Building on the Shoulders of Failure

Huxley Dunsany: Co-Founder, Retro Roadshow

Huxley Dunsany will explore some fascinating “failures” of the computer and consumer electronics industries which were unexpectedly important, influential and impactful on the modern world. Among other topics, we’ll discuss:

  • A charismatic CEO who couldn’t resist bragging about upcoming products and inadvertently destroyed his own company, leading to the obsession with secrecy exhibited by most modern tech companies
  • A scrappy early-1990’s startup which quietly invented a staggering number of the technologies we all have in our pockets today, before fading into obscurity
  • How Atari drove the video game revolution but squandered the trust of their customers, thereby opening the door for Nintendo to rebuild the collapsed video game industry
  • How after co-founding Apple, Steve Jobs’s “second act” failed in the open market, but became the technological foundation of nearly every modern Apple product

Please feel free to bring your own personal favorite piece of retro, vintage or obsolete technology to share on Zoom!

Huxley Dunsany has lived all around the U.S., but has always called Northern California ‘home.’ A lifelong nerd who grew up with an abundance of curiosity and a lack of funds, his earliest exposure to computers in the early 1990’s was with systems already considered obsolete. This instilled an ongoing love and respect for “outdated” (but still interesting and useful!) technology. With his wife Sarai and son Rhyal, Huxley is the founder of
The Retro Roadshow, the East Bay’s premier hands-on retrocomputing experience, where visitors can play with and learn about many fascinating, influential, and fun vintage computers & video game systems.

Read more about Huxley in The New York Times.