The Entrepreneurship Center: Small Business/Entrepreneurship Program

An entrepreneurial entrepreneur casts a pensive look.


Small businesses -- including those owned by GGU's alumni network of attorneys, financial planners, CPAs, psychologists, consultants and entrepreneurs -- have been creating more than half of all jobs in the United States since the 1970s. Since 1990, while corporate America eliminated 4 million jobs, small businesses have added 8 million new jobs.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs/business owners, GGU launched a Small Business Program, made possible by support from Chevron. Application dates and class start dates for Spring 2018 Small Business Program are the following: See below for more details.

Applications must be received by Saturday, March 17

Class stare date - Saturday, April 7


This year-long program includes the following:


Covers the fundamentals of starting a practice or small business and will result in a business plan to guide your launch. The workshops will be led by experienced faculty and alumni that have their own practices / businesses, giving valuable insight and tips to start your own business. Application dates and class start dates for Spring 2018 Small Business Program are forthcoming:

Applications must be received by Saturday, March 17

Class start date - Saturday, April 7


Upon completion of the 10-week workshop, you will be paired with an experienced practitioner to help guide business growth, answer questions and offer advice throughout the year. Please note: mentors will only be assigned to students that have attended the entire 10-week workshop.


Leveraging the strength of the cohort, you will meet with faculty every other month to review progress, share stories of success and challenges and receive targeted assistance as needed.


The goal is for you to have launched your company by the end of the program. In addition, through other cohort members, mentors and alumni, you will have built a powerful network of support as you continue to grow your business.

Participants of the program will be expected to:
  • Start a practice / business before the end of the year-long program (April 2019).
  • Attend all classes, workshops and events.
  • Support fellow alumni.
  • Be a mentor in the future.

If you are not able to commit to any of the above activities, please delay your application until you are able to fully participate in the program.


Applicants will be evaluated based on their desire and commitment to starting a practice/business over the next year, the amount of thought and planning they have already put in, and the resources they have available to them to implement their goal of establishing their practice/small business. Please note: there is NO enrollment fee for the program due to a generous grant from Chevron.

Please write a brief statement of intent outlining your business, resources, experience and commitment and submit your current business plan to

Your statement, business plan and resume must be received by March 17, 2018.

Participants accepted to the program will be notified by March 24, 2018.


As an experienced small business owner, your wisdom, drawn from your real-life lessons, can provide valuable insights to aspiring small businesses owners. To make the Small Business Program vibrant, we are seeking assistance from GGU alumni to be speakers, members of panel discussions, instructors or mentors.

Please email us at to let us know how your expertise might best be applied to the program.


Can I participate in the Small Business/Entrepreneurship Program remotely?

Unfortunately, the Small Business/Entrepreneurship Program is only available in-person in San Francisco at this time.

I have a conflict on one/some of the class meeting dates. Is it possible to miss a session(s) and still participate in the course?

In order to participate, you must be able to commit to all ten class meetings.

Is it possible to participate if I cannot attend for the full 9:00 am - noon time frame?

In order to participate, you must be able to arrive on time and stay for the full class meeting.

How many students will be accepted into this program?

We are able to accept a maximum of 25 students.

Is it ok to bring a friend or family member to sit in on a class?

Although we would like to be able to accommodate guests, we restrict attendance to only those who are part of the course due to limited seating capacity.

I am planning to drive to campus. Does Golden Gate University have a parking lot?

No, but there are many public parking lots nearby. You can view available parking in the area by visiting

I am planning to take public transportation. What is the easiest way to get there?

Public transit directions are available at this link.

Is it possible to change my business idea after submitting my application?

No, you must proceed with the plan that you have submitted for review.

If I'm working on a business with another person/other people would we submit our application together?

No, each individual must submit their own application for review.