Press Room: News Details

The Real Reason So Many of Us Crave the Apple Watch

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow explains the psychology behind consumers' obsession with Apple's newest technological innovation, the Apple Watch.

Understanding the "Backfire Effect"

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, discusses emotional decision making or the 'Backfire Effect' with Ogilvy chairman Chris Graves.

What I Learned in India About Financial Advice

Adjunct Professor Rick Kahler travels to India to report on the universal misunderstanding of financial advice.

Shopping: The Ultimate Antidote to Finals Stress

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow provides her expert opinion on the benefits of retail therapy during stressful periods.

Prof. Wes Porter Named ACE Fellow

Professor Wes Porter was named as an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow for the 2015-2016 academic year. He is one of 47 professors and deans nation-wide to earn this distinction this year. According to ACE President, Molly Corbett Broad, "over those five decades nearly 2,000 higher education leaders have participated, with more than 300 Fellows having served as chief executive officers of colleges or universities and more than 1,300 having served as provosts, vice presidents and deans. "Professor Porter is law professor at GGU Law where he is also the director of the school's reputable Litigation Center. He has created nationally recognized programs at the law school and National Jurist Magazine recently recognized GGU Law with an A+ rating in practical training, with a ranking of #12 in the nation. Before joining the academy, Professor Wes Porter served as a trial attorney in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate Generals Corps (JAG), an Assistant U.S. Attorney and a Senior Trial Attorney in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where he was awarded the Assistant Attorney General Award for Distinguished Service. His scholarship focuses on injustices in criminal law, evidence and procedure from the perspective of the accused and he has emerged as a leading advocate for legal education reform and practical skills training across the curriculum. Click the link above to read the full article an to learn more about ACE.

Viewpoint: Assessing the Legacy of 'Pao v. Kleiner Perkins'

Dean Rachel Van Cleave examines Pao v. Kleiner Perkins, evaluating both our justice system and what makes a case a "landmark." Finally, she explains what some of the lasting effects of this case may be. Click the link above to read the full article.

Adjunct Prof. Longfelder on Gender Discrimination

Adjunct Professor Michal Longfelder weighs in on Pao v. Kleiner Perkins, a gender discrimination suit that recently concluded and is awaiting a verdict. Ellen Pao was hired at Kleiner Perksins, a venture capital firm well-known in Silicon Valley, as a junior partner venture capitalist and Chief of Staff for the John Doerr, the company's head investor. John Doerr was widely seen as a mentor to Ellen Pao. However, during Pao's time at Kleiner Perkins, she alleges she was discriminated against due to her gender, which ultimately resulted in her termination. The CBS interview, which includes Adjunct Professor Michal Longfelder is available by clicking on the link in the title above.

Empathy in Understanding Combat Veterans

Dean Rachel Van Cleave writes a letter to the editor about the use of empathy in understanding combat veterans, and she explains the efficacy of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center (VLAC) at GGU Law.

'Whatever, Janet' Indeed -- Fed's Yellen Outfoxes the Bond Bullies, Finesses Rate Policy, Buoys Investors

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly speaks to The Hufffington Post about the current fluctuation of the GDP and the resulting investor behavior.

It's Not a Junk Drawer. It's an Archive of an Interesting Life

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, spoke with NPR's Linton Weeks to discuss what your junk drawer says about you.

The Fate of Uber & Lyft: A Legal Question

Dean Rachel Van Cleave discusses recent Lyft & Uber cases, which center on determining whether the drivers are employees or independent contractors. This story caught national headlines when federal judges, in two separate cases, denied motions for summary judgment by the defendants in each case. Dean Van Cleave explains that the legal test for determining whether one is an employee or an independent contract, set last year in Alexander v. FedEx, is quite fact-driven, which makes it hard for a judge to rule in favor of a motion for summary judgment in many cases. -- Click the link above to watch the news report.

GGU Alumnus Wins 2015 SPUR Good Government Award

GGU alumnus and Port of San Francisco Deputy Director Peter Dailey has received SPUR's 2015 Public Managerial Excellence Award for his leadership in managing the design, financing and project implementation of the recently opened James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27.

Taxpayers Say They Plan to Spend Refunds Responsibly

Professor Emerita and consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow reviews consumer behavior and research findings to conclude behavioral changes are unlikely.

First Impressions of the 2016 Field

Dean Emeritus and economic expert Terry Connelly shares his first impressions of prominent political figures via a blog post featured on the

A Sense of Purpose May Help Your Heart

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, provides her expert opinion on the benefits of identifying your purpose and it's link to one's health.

Tips for Homeowners to Ease the Tax Bite

Mary Canning, Dean Emerita of the Accounting and Tax Schools, tells The Wall Street Journal how homeowners can use energy-efficient upgrades to reduce their tax burden.

The Rewards From Effective Reform Could Be Great

GGU Law adds its voice to the call for IP reform. Professor William Gallagher, and 50 other IP scholars from around the nation, recently sent Congress a letter requesting statutory IP reform, citing the tremendous increase in patent litigation at the hands of Patent Assertion Entities (AKA Patent Trolls). Countering the claims of lobbyists, they write that the "evidence indicates that the net effect of patent litigation is to raise the cost of innovation and inhibit technological progress, subverting the very purpose of the patent system."

This 'n' That on a Tuesday Morning

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, analyzes techniques used when "upselling" items to current customers in the food industry.

How Restaurants Get You to Spend More Money

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, speaks with the Daily Herald to analyze the psychological affect item placement has on the average consumer.

Blocking Minimum Wage Increase, Boehner Relies on Lies

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly dissects House Speaker John Boehner's actions toward a possible minimum wage increase.

Financial Advice Is Good, but Emotional Well-Being Is Better

Rick Kahler shares with the emotional benefits of financial advising.

Equality Principles in Sub-Federal Immigration Laws

Professor Carrie Rosenbaum explores the effects of preemption of non-federal immigrant laws, like California's TRUST Act. Specifically, she contends that federal law does not preempt state TRUST Acts, which may lead non-federal organizations to regulate immigration law on their own accord. - Click the link above to read more, and to download Carrie Rosenbaum's full scholarly article published in the Chapman Law Review (2015)

Taxi Company Partners With Flywheel, Rebrand to a Bright Red Cars

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emeritus, provides her expert opinion on whether or not the Taxi Company should partner with Flywheel.

IOU 240 Euros, It's My Problem; IOU 240 Billion Euros, It's Your Problem!

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly provides his expert advice on the buying and selling of stocks and bonds when considering international governments.

Best Online Bachelor's in Accounting: Students Before Profits Award 2014-2015

GGU's Bachelor of Science in Business with an Accounting Concentration makes the 2014-2015 list.