Press Room: News Details

California Supreme Court to Review North Coast Railroad Environmental Lawsuit

Professor Helen Kang and the Environmental Law Justice Clinic will represent a California environmental group to argue before the CA Supreme Court that publicly owned railroads must comply with California’s Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

A Financial Planner’s Most Important Job Isn’t What You Think It Is

Adjunct Professor, Rick Kahler, shares with one of the most common misconceptions of a financial planners job.

Golden Gate University Appoints Two New Deans

GGU names Fred Sroka as Dean of the Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation and the School of Accounting and Dr. Nate Hinerman as Dean of Undergraduate Programs.

How to Maximize Your Holiday Gift Giving by Shopping Smart

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, utilizes principles from her most recent book release, "Decoding the New Consumer Mind" to shed light on ineffective shopping habits and how to spend money wisely this holiday season.

Healthy Gifts How to say " I care" not "you are fat"

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, shares gift ideas for the health conscious to that include researched backed information to consider when gifting this year.

5 Reasons Why You Give Such Awful Presents

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, uses research and her experience in psychology to advise shoppers on how to purchase gifts recipients will love.

When Moving On, First Protect Client's Interests

As lawyers change firms, they must be careful to protect their clients' interests, which can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. A few takeaways of this article are:1. There are limits on soliciting new clients2. Attorneys may not withdraw from employment until the member has taken reasonable steps to avoid reasonably foreseeable prejudice to the rights of the client3. Lawyers continue to owe past clients a fiduciary duty, including that of loyalty4. Attorneys and firms must notify clients if an attorney is leaving their case

Could the Oil Price Crash Kill Keystone XL?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly gives insight into the financial implications of the pipeline.

How to Beat Marketers' Jedi Mind Tricks

Kit Yarrow, professor emerita, speaks on how to avoid over-purchasing and buyer's remorse by following simple shopping tips.

Curbing the Urge to Splurge on Bargains

Kit Yarrow, professor emerita, speaks with Southern California Public Radio to explain why we buy and how to avoid spending too much on the wrong things during the holiday season.

Apps Stirring Holiday Bargain Insanity

Kit Yarrow, professor emerita, shares her insights discovered through research on the effect apps have on our holiday purchasing.

Stop Making These 5 Shopping Mistake And You Won't Overspend

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, list 5 shopping mistakes bargain hunters make when trying to save during the holiday season.

Black Friday Brings Out Family Ties, Primal Side

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, speaks on the success of Black Friday from a psychological standpoint.

Shhh... The American Economy Is on the Brink...of a Boom!

Terry Connelly, Dean Emeritus, sheds light on the good and the bad regarding the American economy focusing on Q4.

Food, Sex and Giving to Charity

Marketing Professor Michal Strahilevitz speaks on the link between donating and our own well-being.

Obama Didn’t Open Floodgates to Migrants

Carrie Rosenbaum, professor of immigration law at GGU, discusses the limitations of Obama's executive order on immigration.

Elissa Buie on Financial Times Top 100 Women Financial Advisers List

Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Elissa Buie, has been named one of Financial Times' inaugural FT Top 100 Women Financial Advisers for 2014.

Obamacare Dominoes: If Federal Subsidies Fall at the Supreme Court, so Do the Individual and Employer Mandates--Game Over!

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, speaks on the possibility of Federal insurance subsidies being eliminated and the effect that will have on Obamacare users.

Column: Understand the Mind of Your Buyer

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, speaks on the significance of focusing on consumer viewpoints to effectively market products.

Rethinking Capitalism: The Commodification of Religious Expression

Laura Cisneros presents her paper at the Fifth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium at Loyola University Chicago

Man Arrested on Federal Charges for Operating Silk Road Spin-Off Website

Professor Marc Greenberg is interviewed by Channel 7 News (KGO) about local and global police efforts to shut down hundreds of Darknet (See also: Deep Web) websites that traffic illegal drugs, arms, and services. Last year, another local Bay Area resident was arrested for running Silk Road, which primarily trafficked drugs and counterfeit documents.

Golden Gate University Wins San Francisco Trial Lawyers Mock Trial Competition

Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU Law)took first place in The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association's (SFTLA) annual Mock Trial competition, earning the title, "Best of the Bay," for the third consecutive year and fourth first place win in five years. This year, GGU Law beat Santa Clara University, Stanford University and University of California, Hastings in the intense, day-long competition.

Homeowners: Fall Planning Brings Spring Tax Savings

Dean Emerita, Mary Canning, gives tips for getting the most from home deductions.

Fear-Mongers on TV Spook Equities: Just in Time to Buy Cheap Before Great Earnings!

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, offers his expert opinion to advise those looking to make a profit in the current market.

Elissa Buie Appears on Washingtonian Magazine's List of Top Money Advisers for the Fifth Time

Elissa Buie, Distinguished Adjunct Professor, is acknowledged for her contributions to the financial industry.