Press Room: News Details

Wild Day on Wall Street After Dow Plunges Nearly 600 Points

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses the recent stock market plunge and possible causes with ABC7 News.

Millennials Matter: How and Why You MUST Market to this Generation

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow provides her expert opinion on the importance of marketing your products and services to the "Millennials" and how to effectively reach them.

Aaron Sanders Would Focus on Services in Charlotte City Council At-Large Race

GGU alumnus Aaron Sanders runs for City Council in Charlotte, NC. His top priorities are city services, including streetcar and light rail projects.

Indian-American Appointed Police Chief of California's Martinez City

GGU alumnus Manjit Sappal has been appointed Police Chief of Martinez. Sappal holds a master's degree in public administration.

New Novel by Michele Duva Stars Brilliant Couple Fated to Love Forever

The latest novel by GGU Tax alumna Michele Duva explores the relationship between cosmology, math and Mayan beliefs and how they shape the human condition in love and loss.

23andMe Taps Former Adaptive Biotech Exec as CFO and Head of Ops

GGU School of Taxation alumnus Dean Schorno is named CFO and Head of Operations at genomics giant 23andMe.

Viratech Corp. Announces Fred Schiemann as its New CEO

Braden School of Taxation alumni Fred Schiemann has been named the CEO of Viratech Corporation.

Can the GOP's 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Sway Fil-Am Voters?

Filipino American political analyst and Golden Gate University Professor, Jay Gonzalez, weighs in on the GOP debate's top performers and the likelihood that this crop of Republican candidates can rally support from Fil-Am voters.

Ex-Chef Professor from Taiwan Inducted to US Culinary Hall of Fame

GGU Ageno School of Business alumnus Bill Sy has been inducted into the US Culinary Hall of Fame.

Jerry Brown Appoints David McCray as a Justice on California Courts-Martial Appellate Panel

GGU alumnus David McCray is appointed as a Justice on California Courts-Martial Appellate Panel by Governor Jerry Brown.

Michael Lee Joins Realty ONE Group as Managing Broker of the San Ramon Office

Ageno School of Business alumnus Dr. Michael Lee joins Realty ONE Group as Managing Broker of the firm's San Ramon office.

The 20 Fears That Are Keeping You From Being Rich

Director of financial planning Dr. David Yeske and industry notables discuss 20 fears hindering your financial success.

Get Smart on Back-to-School Spending

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow advises parents on how to survive the stressful task of back-to-school shopping.

How to Create a Less-Stressful Workplace

In our competitive environment, law firms and businesses are constantly seeking ways to become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Ironically, the stress associated with our fast-paced economy may be causing employees to lose their abilities to work productively. Professor Michele Neitz provides a framework for reducing stress in one's life and in one's workplace. To read more, click the link above.

Money Tips for the Newly Married

Program Chair Dr. David Yeske offerss financial advice to newlyweds.

5 Brands That Bleed America's Red, White, and Blue

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow weighs in on the top brands that best represent American culture and values according to a recent survey.

Advisers: Greek Crisis Creating a Buying Opportunity

Financial Planning Director Dr. David Yeske, CFP® weighs in on Greece's financial woes and the reaction of financial advisers via The Wall Street Journal.

4 Qualities a Financial Adviser Ought to Have

Adjunct Professor Rick Kahler examines the four qualities clients believe a financial planner should possess.

Sea Level Rise, Saltwater Intrusion and Endangered Fisheries - Shifting Baselines for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

As sea levels rise, salt water begins to intrude on endangered fisheries. Professor Paul Kibel provides a legal framework for change in shifting the baselines for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. -- Read more about this proposal by clicking the link above.

Margins & Missions... Not Moonshots: Pathways to Better U.S. Higher Education

Dean Rachel Van Cleave authors a chapter on how to recreate legal education for a modern audience in a book focused on saving higher education in the United States. The book, Margins & Missions... Not Moonshots: Pathways to a Better U.S. Higher Education, states that higher education institutions face unprecedented peril from a perfect storm of economic and demographic challenges. Declining enrollments, drastically reduced state and federal government funding, and excessive growth of support and administration costs have left many universities in a cash-strapped financial conundrum. In addition, student loan debt exceeds U.S. credit card debt and serious questions are being raised about the ROI (cost to value) of a college degree. To address these critical issues, over 30 diverse and prestigious thought leaders contribute innovative ideas to help re-imagine, re-engineer, and re-invent the business of higher education -- with a focus on the pragmatic, the achievable. -- Click the link above to learn more or to purchase the book.

Expanding Pride in Our Workplaces

As business leaders. we need to recognize that our policies, our workplace culture and our institutional ethos radically impact the lived experience of equality for our LGBT customers and employees. In a discriminatory world, passivity (i.e. just ensuring you don't actively discriminate) can easily send a mixed or unintended message. Even in progressive places like the San Francisco Bay Area, LGBT folks have an experience of discrimination and disfavor that shapes their expectations. -- To read more, click the link above

15 Ways to Retire Early

Financial Planning Program Director Dr. David Yeske teams up with The Huffington Post to share some insightful tips on how young adults can begin preparation for retirement.

Golden Gate University Congratulates the 2015 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors!

Golden Gate University is now the Proud University Partner of the Golden State Warriors! GGU joins a small group of well-known companies and popular brands across the nation that enjoy a partnership with the Golden State Warriors. The partnership will enable Golden Gate University to reach millions of Warriors fans across the Bay Area and beyond. Golden Gate University and the Golden State Warriors are both deeply rooted in the Bay Area and share a commitment to serving and uniting our diverse community. Click the link above to see photos from the Warrior's Celebratory Parade and Rally, including "The Bay's Team" float sponsored by GGU!

Symposium on Kerry v. Din: Kerry v. Din as a Troubling "Terrorism" and "National Security" Case

Professor Carrie Rosenbaum writes about the troubling U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Kerry v. Din, pointing to Justice Scalia and Kennedy's reliance on "...national security and hints at the 'political question doctrine' to justify secrecy and no process, or no meaningful process, particularly in the context of a deeply flawed statute..." To read more, click the link above.

What Happens When Law Students Unplug?

Dean Van Cleave interviews Professor Michele Neitz about her Disconnect Challenge 2015 event, where she and four students decided to limit, and schedule, their internet and mobile device use for several weeks. Checking the internet only three times a day, students and faculty found that their concentration and focus improved. To read more about the challenge and the benefits of disconnecting, click the link above.