Course Catalog

Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

HRM 301
Work and Workforce Trends

Provides a broad understanding of the concept of employment and how work has been and is now carried out, and what it might look like in the future. The evolution of work in the U.S., how it has been accomplished and by whom will be covered and students will use this history to analyze how work will change in the future and what workers today and in the future want and expect from work. This deep understanding of work and the workforce will prepare HR students to recruit, hire, engage and develop the workers needed for organizations now and tomorrow.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 302
Acquiring and Retaining Human Resources

Presents all the steps in finding and keeping the workforce, including: planning for and recruiting HR, selecting workers and filling jobs, managing employees' careers, and understanding what motivates people to excel at their work.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 303
HR as Legal Partner

Surveys federal and state laws and their impact on the employment relationship - especially those laws and regulations that affect the terms and conditions of employment.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 304
Technology Strategies for Human Resources Management

Investigates how current and future technology influences Human Resources Management (HRM). Students will learn how to utilize technology to create strategic advantage for companies by improving HRM processes and making data-driven decisions. Topics include current trends in technology that impact HRM such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and more. The basics of workforce analytics are explored through case study and using Tableau software to analyze data in support of making business decisions.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 305
Total Compensation

Compensation is disaggregated to pay and benefits. Students will learn how to set up a pay structure, design a compensation system, establish merit pay programs, and how to choose among and provide employee benefits. Focus on challenges in compensating executives, flexible workers and expatriates.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 306
Learning and Development

Teaches students to link learning to organizational needs, how to assess the need for learning and selecting the appropriate system for delivering and managing learning. Students will learn how to create and execute learning strategies and programs, evaluate development needs for employees and design and deliver trainings.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 307
International HRM

Investigates the management of workers in locations outside the U.S. and how it contrasts with managing workers within the U.S. Students will learn about sourcing HR for global organizations, managing U.S. workers located abroad, regulations and legal requirements for hiring workers outside of the U.S. Note: MS HRM students taking HRM 398 Internship HR do not take this course. Formerly: MGT-305.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 308
Ethics in Managing People At Work

How to understand and act on the ethical implications of important Human Resources functions, and respond to issues that arise via prevention and cure, including developing and disseminating organizational ethics statements, policies and supporting documents. Students will learn how to conduct an internal review of policies to ensure alignment with organizational ethics philosophy and to integrate ethical behavior throughout the culture. Topics include: business ethics concepts in the HR realm, and examination of issues that arise in workforce design, talent management, employee conduct, incentives systems, health/safety and international context, HR's role in corporate culture, internal investigations and external oversight. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate a chosen company's existing programs with respect to encouraging ethical conduct of its workers.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 309
HR as Strategic Business Partner

Analyzes the role of HRM in achieving organizational strategic objectives. Students will learn how to serve as a consultant to management on HR-related issues and how to be a change agent. Through case studies, practice developing strategic solutions to business problems using metrics and analyzing relevant data.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

HRM 398
Internship: HRM

Offers students the opportunity to receive graduate-level work experience in human resources management. Students are responsible for their own placement in internships to be approved by the program director or department chair. An internship application (available on GGU website) is required before consideration for this course. A written report is required upon completion of the internship. Prerequisite: at least 18 units completed in the program and HRM department approval.

Units: 3 , Offered: Fall 2019 , Summer 2019

HRM 399
Directed Study

Provides an opportunity for the advanced student with a specific project in mind to do reading in a focused area and to prepare a substantial paper under the direction of a faculty member. Only one directed study course may be taken for credit toward a masters degree. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor and the department chair.

Units: 3